Thursday, September 27, 2007

IMSTV scores a Hat Trick with Canucks TV

VANCOUVER - The first televised Vancouver Canucks game aired on Saturday Sept. 22nd and local advertising agencies Gould Marketing, Elton Media and BECK Agencies had a number of clients in the game.

BECK Agencies placed commercials and sponsorships for BROCO Auto Glass, Harveys Furniture/Bosch and Image Optometry.

IMSTV represents these special "CANUCKS TV" broadcasts of the first two televised games carried on Rogers Sportsnet.

PHOTO: Chuck Gould, Gould Marketing - Mitch Drew, BECK Agencies - Jon Elton, Elton Media

Monday, September 24, 2007

Quarter of U.S. adults visit local TV websites

Around one in four U.S. adults have visited a local television website in the past month, according to a new study, and that figure is expected to rise over the next year.

by Helen Leggatt

Over 118,000 adults across 88 markets were surveyed for The Media Audit’s study, during the period January, 2006 to April, 2007. The findings showed that 27 percent had visited their local television station’s website in the last 30 days.

“Television…stations have been putting renewed effort into their websites, and it is paying off,” said. “Across the nation 73% of adults are going online. With 27% going to local TV websites, this means that nearly 40% of internet users are visiting their local TV websites,” said Bob Jordan, President of The Media Audit, who also predicts that figure to rise over the next year.

The top five markets were Raleigh-Durham, N.C. with 49.7 percent of adults visiting local TV Web sites, followed by Tulsa, Oklahoma (41.6 percent), Denver (40.8 percent) Columbia, S.C. (39.5 percent) and Little Rock, Arkansas (39.4 percent).

“Generally, it is the markets with the highest internet penetration that have the highest percent of TV website visitors,” said Jim Higginbotham, cofounder and head of research for The Media Audit. “It makes sense that if a market has a strong orientation to the internet, then the TV stations will do well.”

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Friday, September 21, 2007


CANUCKS TV hits the air on Saturday Sept. 22 with the FIRST TELEVISED GAME of the year on Rogers Sportsnet. One of the clients that will be positioned in the game is IMAGE OPTOMETRY. Fred Beck, CEO of BECK Agencies is excited about getting back on the air with Canucks Hockey "We are thrilled to be back on the air in Hockey and will be running our BROCO commercials in the game...and we are pleased to have our client Image Optometry back again this year".

Also back in hockey this year is BECK client Harvey's Furniture & Appliances.

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies
604-519-5716 direct

Fun on the high seas with ROCK 101 and Pacific Angler

VANCOUVER - Bro Jake and Martin Strong of the ROCK 101 Morning Show give their play-by-play account of the Pacific Angler fishing day.

CLICK HERE to listen to the 8:15am wrap report.

CLICK HERE to listen to the 6:05am wrap report (be prepared for some laughs)

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bro Jake has GONE FISHIN' with winners and Pacific Angler

VANCOUVER - Four lucky winners are off on the high seas with Bro Jake and Martin Strong from the ROCK 101 Morning Show. Michael Cohen from ROCK 101 Promotions was there to see the group off and let's us know how the contest response was.


Charter Guide Hans with Bro Jake Edwards and Jason Tonelli from Pacific Angler get ready to shove off!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hallmark Ford hits the MARK with a Slash It Sale

SURREY - Hallmark Ford in Surrey held another successful Slash It Sale with host/presenter Dan Ryan in his "Mad Man Dan" character.

When the "Mad Man" is in town, consumers know that they are going to get a great deal on pre-owned cars and trucks.

The Slash It Sale is help all over the US and Canada on a weekly basis and BECK Agencies is the Ad Agency of Record for Caliber Promotions in Western Canada and Washington State.

BECK Agencies President Fred Beck said "we are a cutting edge ad agency that continues to look for partners and programs that can deliver. With Caliber Promotions our customers get results".

BECK Agencies road blocked OMNI 10 TV for 3 days with high powered 30min infommercials that delivered a large audience to the Ford dealership on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Contact BECK:

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies
604-519-5716 direct

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bro Jake and Pacific Angler Radio Contest

VANCOUVER - Pacific Angler is teaming up with the Rock 101 Bro Jake morning show to present an exciting contest. The Bro Jake Ultimate Extreme Angler Challenge is an exciting and fun contest. ROCK 101 listeners are invited to visit and upload photos of their "BIG FISH" and enter to win a day on the water with Bro Jake and Martin Strong. Four winners will be selected and paired off into two Grady White fishing machines each with a guide from Pacific Angler. Everyone wins a prize but the guy with the biggest fish wins a SAGE Rod and Islander MR3 Mooching Reel valued at over $1,250!

CLICK HERE to enter.

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies

Vancouver Auto Liquidation Center Sale

VANCOUVER - The Vancouver Auto Liquidation Center is having a sale event this weekend and BECK Agencies placed the advertising in The Province, on KVOS TV, OMNI TV and on CFOX FM.

The TV Commercial running on OMNI and KVOS

The RADIO Commercial running on CFOX

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies
604-519-5716 direct