Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Trump Blog to provide coverage of Celebrity Apprentice

If you are interested in Celebrity Apprentice on Global TV starting January 3rd, you may want to visit The Trump Blog for behind the scenes coverage and comments.


Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

DirectBuy of BC launches radio sponsorship on CFUN

VANCOUVER - The DirectBuy locations in Victoria, Vancouver and Coquitlam began an new sponsorship program on CFUN Radio. The campaign involves sponsorship of Weather, Traffic and a regular afternoon update from the CTV Vancouver newsroom.

Banner ads for the DirectBuy BC web site are running on the CFUN web site.

The campaign is in support of the overall launch campaign for , the new micro-site for the DirectBuy locataions in BC.

For more information contact:

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies
Agency of Record for DirectBuy BC
604-520-9866 bus

Saturday, December 22, 2007

BECK Agencies is IN THE GAME for the Holidays

CBC TV has a special line-up of holiday programming including the 'special' Thursday Night Hockey Night in Canada double header with the Montreal Canadians vs Tampa Bay followed by the division rival Vancouver Canucks vs Calgary Flames. BECK Agencies has placed three advertisers in the game. Commercials for BROCO Auto Glass, Harvey's Furniture and Wireless Wave will run during the two game broadcasts.

Fred Beck, CEO of BECK explains "Our agency sees the value of Vancouver Canucks hockey and we enjoy having our clients advertise in these big games". Beck adds "During the Christmas break, friends and families all over BC will be together enjoying the hockey broadcasts on CBC...there's nothing else on TV that delivers this type of captured audience".

BECK Agencies has placed a combination of 15sec and 30sec TV creative in the broadcast.


Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies
604-520-9866 tel

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nissan Takes the Local Route to the Super Bowl

Automaker to Make Spot Buys on Fox Network Affiliates to Push Murano
By Brian Steinberg

Published: December 18, 2007

NEW YORK ( -- Nissan Motor Co. is quietly mulling a large spot buy that would allow the automaker to run lots of local ads on various Fox TV stations and affiliates during the Super Bowl, according to people close to the situation.
Avoiding the hefty price tag

The strategy is obviously designed to avoid paying the hefty multimillion-dollar price tag associated with ads that run on network during the Super Bowl.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

The WORLD is clicking on BECKBC.COM

Since we started hosting our BLOG on, the amount of traffic has increased and it's interesting to see the different parts of Canada, US and the World that visitors are coming from.

Here's a map showing who stopped in at our site yesterday!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

DirectBuy launches micro-site

The DirectBuy locations in Victoria, Vancouver, Coquitlam and Kelowna have launched a new online micro-site to better connect with their customers in BC.

The micro-site contains custom Canadian videos, customer endorsements and offers a direct sign-up form for the FREE open house at the nearest DirectBuy location.

An online campaign began this week and the site has implemented new custom tracking systems to provide click-thru and conversation data for each campaign.

BECK Agencies and DirectBuy have developed a series of newspaper banner ads supporting the 'Your Direct Connection..." positioning statement.

New 10sec and 15sec TV creative will launch on December 31st.

About DirectBuy
For more than 35 years, DirectBuy has been showing thousands of consumers unparalleled ways to save as they shop for virtually everything for in and around their homes – from furniture, carpet and flooring, and custom window treatments, to kitchen and bath cabinets and fixtures, appliances and much, much more. DirectBuy enables members to purchase most every product offering from more than 500 manufacturers and their authorized suppliers at over 140 showrooms across North America.

For more information contact:
Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies
Agency of Record for DirectBuy BC Locations
604-520-9866 bus

Coca-Cola Wants a Seat at the Super Bowl

Soda Giant Mulls Another Return to Game That's Served as Pepsi Showcase

NEW YORK ( -- The Super Bowl is known best as a gridiron contest between NFL greats. But it is fast emerging as a battleground between two of the marketing world's greatest rivals: Coke and Pepsi.


Sunday, December 09, 2007

Crosby vs Luongo - The Rumble at GM Place!

VANCOUVER - Another sellout crowd at GM Place and one of the largest TV audiences since the 2007 Playoffs was treated to an incredible night of hockey on Saturday night as the Vancouver Canucks hosted Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

BECK Agencies took a dominant position in the CBC Hockey Night in Canada broadcast and placed TV spots for a number of clients including BROCO Auto Glass, Wireless Wave and Harvey's Furniture & Appliances.

Fred Beck, BECK Agencies CEO explains "With the increasing amount of fragmentation in media today it's a real challenge to get our clients message in front of large audiences. We achieved this last night by placing commercials in the highest rated regular season game of the year".

This picture of Roberto Luongo stopping a penalty shot from Sidney Crosby says it all.

BECK Agencies will be placing select clients in Vancouver Canucks hockey games and CANUCKS TV specials in 2008.

For more information contact:
Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies
604-520-9866 bus

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Thermador, American Express and Harvey's launch new TV in Canucks Game

Sidney Crosby visits Vancouver on Saturday and Harvey's Furniture & Appliances is in the game!

VANCOUVER- Vancouver Canucks fans enjoyed a great November and on December 8th, Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins visit the Vancouver Canucks at GM Place.

The game will be broadcast on Saturday Night's Hockey Night in Canada on CBC and HARVEY'S will launch their new TV campaign with partners THERMADOR and AMERICAN EXPRESS.

"HARVEY'S has been in business for over 80 years and as a brand we believe in aligning with other high profile partners like THERMADOR and AMERICAN EXPRESS" Eric Harvey, from HARVEY'S explains. "When we place our advertising with the highest profile sports brand in BC on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada...we see positive results in our store and that is our goal" he added.


For more information, contact:

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies
604-520-9866 tel

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ed's Linens sponsors 'Global 1' traffic reports

VANCOUVER - BECK Agencies is pleased to have placed Ed's Linens into a sponsorship of "Global 1" helicopter traffic reports seen on the Global AM News and Global Early News.

Fred Beck, CEO of BECK Agencies explains, "our agency is constantly looking for new and exciting ways to help our clients and the helicopter reports on Global TV combine high profile and great audience reach". Beck adds "and with the current snow conditions and high volumes of traffic...viewers are watching the news before they leave home to see what route to take".

BECK Agencies placed BROCO Auto Glass on AM 730 traffic report sponsorships in November and December in conjunction with a new 30sec radio campaign on ROCK 101, CFOX and CKNW.

For more information contact:

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies
604-520-9866 tel

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Harvey's Furniture introduce Steven & Chris line in Print and Canucks TV

VANCOUVER - Harvey's Furniture & Appliances launched a new campaign this week to promote their line of "Steven and Chris" furniture. This is an exciting new line spawned from the Discovery Homes'Designer Guys TV show. These two Canadian designers and TV hosts are no stranger to Vancouver as they make regular visits to the home and designer shows.

The two-phase introduction strategy involves banner ads in the Vancouver Sun and Province starting this week. New TV creative will launched during the upcoming Vancouver Canucks - Pittsburgh Penguins game with Sidney Crosby on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada.

"We are excited about the S&C line and with our volume buying, we can offer excellent pricing to our customers" said Eric Harvey from Harvey's.

For more information visit:

Thursday, November 22, 2007

BECK goes live in the AM 730 Chopper

VANCOUVER - It was a wild morning this week for BECK Agencies President Mitch Drew as he joined the crew from Canadian Traffic Network and went for a ride in the AM 730 Traffic Chopper. The Robinson 44 also doubles as "Global One" on Global News.

"It's certainly an exciting way to see our city. When you see how well the helicopter can cover the major bridges and highways..there is no doubt that the best traffic coverage in the city is being provided by CTN" Drew said.

CTN provides traffic to Global TV, AM 730, Rock 101, CFOX and CKNW in the Lower Mainland.

BROCO Auto Glass is currently running a Traffic Sponsorship campaign on AM 730.

Peter Alpen, VP Western Region for CTN was the host of the tour.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Celebrity 'Apprentices' officially revealed!

The Donald has selected a plethora of contestants; from high-caliber athletes and singers to porn stars and D-list actors to join the latest installment of his reality show

When you aim for the stars you'll wind up with an Olympic softball player, a reality show judge and a Playmate of the year, amongst others.

In a potentially campy twist, The Apprentice 7 is moving even further away from the smart man's reality show that once was, and is shifting into a show that resembles the likes of The Real World.

Get used to it folks. If the writers' strike continues much longer, we'll have a wide spectrum of "been there, done that" reality shows to choose from come January. But I digress, the list:

• Trace Adkins (country music singer)
• Carol Alt (model/actress)
• Stephen Baldwin (actor, The Usual Suspects)
• Nadia Comaneci (Olympic gold-medal gymnast)
• Tiffany Fallon (2005 Playboy Playmate of the Year)
• Jennie Finch (Olympic gold-medal softball player)
• Nely Galan (producer, Telemundo)
• Marilu Henner (actress, Taxi)
• Lennox Lewis (former heavyweight champion)
• Piers Morgan (judge, America's Got Talent)
• Omarosa (Apprentice Season 1 contestant)
• Tito Ortiz (UFC champion)
• Vincent Pastore (actor, The Sopranos)
• Gene Simmons (KISS frontman)

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies

Bro Jake is back with BROCO!

VANCOUVER - New radio commercials began airing this week on the CORUS Vancouver group of stations. Bro Jake (Jake Edwards) returns as the voice of BROCO. Click on the player below to listen to the new commercials.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Starbucks to Break First National TV Campaign

Push Comes Amid Drop in Store Traffic

SAN FRANCISCO ( -- Starbucks, showing the first signs of store saturation and fewer transactions per store, tomorrow will break its first national TV ad campaign to get consumers to buy another cup.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Nightline" ratings rise as talk shows languish

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - The writers strike is good news for ABC's "Nightline," whose ratings are on the rise, as its shuttered talk-show rivals languish in reruns.

According to Nielsen Media Research ratings for the week of November 5, the first week of the walkout, "Nightline" averaged 3.8 million viewers, up 6% from a year ago. It's the best viewership for "Nightline" since April 30.

CBS' "The Late Show with David Letterman" led with 3.96 million, down 15%, while NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" posted 3.87 million, down 35%.

It was even closer in the adults 25-54 demographic, with "Nightline" actually beating "Leno," 1.9 million vs. 1.8 million. "Letterman" led with 1.92 million.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Spanish-Language Ad Spend Increases 2.3 Percent in First Half

Spanish-language cable TV advertising was up 75 percent in the first six months of 2007, compared to the same period last year, thanks in part to the addition of Fox Sports en Espanol.

Without the new sports channel, the cable ad category would still be up 29 percent in Spanish-language spending, writes Mediaweek.

Total ad spending in Spanish-language media was up 2.3 percent, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

The magazine segment saw ad revenue rise 14.3 percent to $72.7 million, due in part to the addition of ESPN Deportes.

Spanish-language broadcast networks were basically flat, while Hispanic spot TV was up 0.6 percent. Hispanic spot radio was up 1.2 percent.

Auto advertising was the top spender in Hispanic media, followed by wireless phone companies, fast food restaurants and department stores.


Saturday, November 03, 2007

CABINETS PLUS is SRO - Sold Right Out!

VANCOUVER - Cabinets Plus in Richmond has been working with BECK Agencies as they close out the store and sell display and remnant kitchen cabinets.

Owner Chuck Albert and BECK's President Mitch Drew implemented a strategic newspaper campaign in The Vancouver Sun and Province with banner ads and the results have been strong.

"We've sold kitchens directly from the newspaper ads...we run the ads, we get calls and we make sales" said owner Chuck Albert. "the newspaper creative BECK wrote and created is direct and straight to the point and placing it on the cover of the Sun's Sports Section and in TV Times puts our message were readers see it...and it works" he added.

If you would like information on how YOUR BUSINESS can benefit from working with BECK

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies
604-520-9866 tel

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Chevy Shoots ‘Fans’ with Sign, Inserts in Series for Sponsorship Message

Chevy has teamed up with Fox on a creative new way to include a visual that goes along with the “brought to you by…” messages that the announcers read during the World Series.

Typically, a sponsor’s logo is overlaid on the screen as the announcer reads his short spiel. Chevy, instead of including such a logo overlay, has the logo for its Malibu sedan on a sign held by a fan in the stands, writes MediaPost.

The camera appears to zoom in on the sign held by the fan as the announcer reads the message.

However, the sign is not actually being held by a real fan during a real game. Rather, Chevy and agency GM Planworks gather a group of 50 fans in Fenway Park, simulated a game-like situation, and shot a Sox fan holding a sign. The Malibu plug was inserted digitally, and the film was sent to Fox, which slotted it in during the broadcast.

The tactic will be used in each game of the World Series. When the series moves to Colorado, Rockies fans will be holding the sign

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TV ads in Penguins vs Canucks available now!

VANCOUVER - BECK Agencies has made a special placement of 15sec TV ads in the upcoming Pittsburgh at Vancouver game on Saturday, December 8th on CBC Hockey Night in Canada.

Fred Beck, CEO of BECK Agencies is excited "We see a great benefit in advertising during high profile sports broadcasts. Seeing Sidney Crosby will certainly be exciting and we expect people all over BC to be watching". Beck said "We are currently developing new TV creative for BROCO Auto Glass and other BECK clients. The new TV commercials will be shot in HD to take full advantage of the quality of the CBC High Definition broadcast".


Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies
604-520-9866 bus

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Woods' new endorsement: 'Gatorade Tiger' to be unveiled in 2008

Woods to have his own drink in first licensing deal
October 16, 2007

Tiger Woods will have his own brand of sports drink next year under an endorsement deal announced Tuesday with Gatorade that marks a couple of firsts for the world's No. 1 golfer -- his first U.S. deal with a beverage company and his first licensing agreement.

Gatorade said it will introduce "Gatorade Tiger" in March, with more products to follow. Woods even picked out the flavors himself, with the drink available in a cherry blend, citrus blend and grape.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

HARVEY'S Furniture & Appliances launches BOSCH Event Oct. 13th

VANCOUVER - Following up on an aggressive TV campaign in Vancouver Canucks Hockey and Seattle Seahawks NFL broadcasts, Harvey's Furniture & Appliances is launching a BOSCH event using Vancouver Sun and Province Newspaper Ads. The "Green" event offers $100 Rebates on a wide range of BOSCH washers and dryers and runs into December.

Here's a sample of the newspaper ads that will start in this weekends Vancouver Sun.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007 Already Laying Out Its Super Bowl Plans

Site Says It Will Kick Off Big Spending Year With Two Spots in February Game

NEW YORK ( -- It's only early October, and consumers are likely to be thinking more about new TV shows or Thanksgiving turkey than they are about Super Bowl ads or buffalo wings. Even so, one small advertiser is seizing the opportunity to announce its berth in the Big Game. says it will run two ads in the Super Bowl, one in the first quarter and another in the third quarter., an online automotive-ads site that is a division of Classified Ventures, said it will kick off -- no pun intended, we're sure -- its 2008 marketing campaign by advertising on Super Bowl XLII. The game is set to air on News Corp.'s Fox
network on Feb. 3, 2008.


Saturday, October 06, 2007

GMC’s Third Year of NFL Promotion Comes In-House

For the third straight year, GMC will be creating a micro-site in conjunction with the NFL to promote its cars to web-savvy consumers, reports ClickZ (via MarketingVOX).

The Pro Grade Challenge will be promoted online as well as via TV advertising, which directs viewers back to a microsite hosted on Once there, football enthusiasts can vote on the Defensive Player of the Week, watch video highlights and play trivia games.

The campaign was previously hosted on ESPN’s website, and while GMC is still partnering with ESPN for the promotion, the decision was made to bring it in-house to invite the audience closer to the brand.

Three GMC models will be given special treatment on the micro-site, and all will be part of the experience, introducing themselves to visitors as if they were players in a game. The emphasis on creating a fully experiential site is a recognition by GMC that traditional advertising is lessening in effectiveness and new outreach needs to be tried.

Friday, October 05, 2007

BECK places Vancouver Sun advertising using

VANCOUVER - The Pacific News Group recently teamed up with CityExpress to create an online advertising bid system. You may have seen display ads in The Province and Vancouver Sun promoting and inviting people to 'bid online' for 'this space'.

Recently BECK Agencies started bidding on remnant space and secured advertising this week for Cabinets Plus. This ad ran in Wednesday's Vancouver Sun on the TV Times page C10.

Over the next two weeks ads for other BECK clients will be appearing in The Vancouver Sun's Sports section, The Province's 'Live it Up' section and other available sections.

It's simple for anyone to manage an account but for a small fee, BECK Agencies will bid, track, pay and upload ads for you.

For more information contact:

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies
604-519-5716 direct

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

BROCO and HARVEY'S in Sunday's Big Game

VANCOUVER - BECK Agencies has placed BROCO Auto Glass and Harvey's Furniture & Appliances TV commercials in the Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers game on CTV at 10:00am Sunday.

The last time these two teams met was in SUPER BOWL XL in February 2006.

"At BROCO we like to win and we like being surrounded by winners. Positioning our BROCO brand with the Seattle Seahawks and the National Football League on CTV is consistent with our overall marketing and growth strategy" BROCO CEO Fred Beck explains.

Eric Harvey of HARVEY'S Furniture & Appliances will be airing TV creative for their BOSCH, WOLF and SUBZERO lines. "We sell and install the top name brand appliances in the world and are proud to let people know that if they are looking for exceptional quality at a fair price...see HARVEY'S" Eric Harvey said.

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies

Thursday, September 27, 2007

IMSTV scores a Hat Trick with Canucks TV

VANCOUVER - The first televised Vancouver Canucks game aired on Saturday Sept. 22nd and local advertising agencies Gould Marketing, Elton Media and BECK Agencies had a number of clients in the game.

BECK Agencies placed commercials and sponsorships for BROCO Auto Glass, Harveys Furniture/Bosch and Image Optometry.

IMSTV represents these special "CANUCKS TV" broadcasts of the first two televised games carried on Rogers Sportsnet.

PHOTO: Chuck Gould, Gould Marketing - Mitch Drew, BECK Agencies - Jon Elton, Elton Media

Monday, September 24, 2007

Quarter of U.S. adults visit local TV websites

Around one in four U.S. adults have visited a local television website in the past month, according to a new study, and that figure is expected to rise over the next year.

by Helen Leggatt

Over 118,000 adults across 88 markets were surveyed for The Media Audit’s study, during the period January, 2006 to April, 2007. The findings showed that 27 percent had visited their local television station’s website in the last 30 days.

“Television…stations have been putting renewed effort into their websites, and it is paying off,” said. “Across the nation 73% of adults are going online. With 27% going to local TV websites, this means that nearly 40% of internet users are visiting their local TV websites,” said Bob Jordan, President of The Media Audit, who also predicts that figure to rise over the next year.

The top five markets were Raleigh-Durham, N.C. with 49.7 percent of adults visiting local TV Web sites, followed by Tulsa, Oklahoma (41.6 percent), Denver (40.8 percent) Columbia, S.C. (39.5 percent) and Little Rock, Arkansas (39.4 percent).

“Generally, it is the markets with the highest internet penetration that have the highest percent of TV website visitors,” said Jim Higginbotham, cofounder and head of research for The Media Audit. “It makes sense that if a market has a strong orientation to the internet, then the TV stations will do well.”

CLICK HERE to visit the BizReport site

Friday, September 21, 2007


CANUCKS TV hits the air on Saturday Sept. 22 with the FIRST TELEVISED GAME of the year on Rogers Sportsnet. One of the clients that will be positioned in the game is IMAGE OPTOMETRY. Fred Beck, CEO of BECK Agencies is excited about getting back on the air with Canucks Hockey "We are thrilled to be back on the air in Hockey and will be running our BROCO commercials in the game...and we are pleased to have our client Image Optometry back again this year".

Also back in hockey this year is BECK client Harvey's Furniture & Appliances.

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies
604-519-5716 direct

Fun on the high seas with ROCK 101 and Pacific Angler

VANCOUVER - Bro Jake and Martin Strong of the ROCK 101 Morning Show give their play-by-play account of the Pacific Angler fishing day.

CLICK HERE to listen to the 8:15am wrap report.

CLICK HERE to listen to the 6:05am wrap report (be prepared for some laughs)

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies
604-519-5716 direct

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bro Jake has GONE FISHIN' with winners and Pacific Angler

VANCOUVER - Four lucky winners are off on the high seas with Bro Jake and Martin Strong from the ROCK 101 Morning Show. Michael Cohen from ROCK 101 Promotions was there to see the group off and let's us know how the contest response was.


Charter Guide Hans with Bro Jake Edwards and Jason Tonelli from Pacific Angler get ready to shove off!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hallmark Ford hits the MARK with a Slash It Sale

SURREY - Hallmark Ford in Surrey held another successful Slash It Sale with host/presenter Dan Ryan in his "Mad Man Dan" character.

When the "Mad Man" is in town, consumers know that they are going to get a great deal on pre-owned cars and trucks.

The Slash It Sale is help all over the US and Canada on a weekly basis and BECK Agencies is the Ad Agency of Record for Caliber Promotions in Western Canada and Washington State.

BECK Agencies President Fred Beck said "we are a cutting edge ad agency that continues to look for partners and programs that can deliver. With Caliber Promotions our customers get results".

BECK Agencies road blocked OMNI 10 TV for 3 days with high powered 30min infommercials that delivered a large audience to the Ford dealership on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Contact BECK:

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies
604-519-5716 direct

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bro Jake and Pacific Angler Radio Contest

VANCOUVER - Pacific Angler is teaming up with the Rock 101 Bro Jake morning show to present an exciting contest. The Bro Jake Ultimate Extreme Angler Challenge is an exciting and fun contest. ROCK 101 listeners are invited to visit and upload photos of their "BIG FISH" and enter to win a day on the water with Bro Jake and Martin Strong. Four winners will be selected and paired off into two Grady White fishing machines each with a guide from Pacific Angler. Everyone wins a prize but the guy with the biggest fish wins a SAGE Rod and Islander MR3 Mooching Reel valued at over $1,250!

CLICK HERE to enter.

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies

Vancouver Auto Liquidation Center Sale

VANCOUVER - The Vancouver Auto Liquidation Center is having a sale event this weekend and BECK Agencies placed the advertising in The Province, on KVOS TV, OMNI TV and on CFOX FM.

The TV Commercial running on OMNI and KVOS

The RADIO Commercial running on CFOX

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies
604-519-5716 direct

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Nielsen: Number of TV Households up 1.3%

More Viewers Are Older, Which Means They'll Likely Watch More

NEW YORK ( -- More U.S. TV watchers are getting older, a condition that gives them more overall time for watching TV, according to Nielsen. The research firm estimates the number of U.S. TV households will total 112.8 million by Jan. 1, 2008, an increase of 1.3% since last year.


Monday, August 13, 2007

Pacific Angler Summer Sale is a success!

VANCOUVER - Store owner Jason Tonelli reported on Monday that the Summer Sale event over the weekend at Pacific Angler was a success. "We had many new customers come in directly from the radio campaign...and they are still coming in today" Jason said.

Pacific Angler is one of the Lower Mainlands top destination angling stores and is located at 232 West Broadway. Online at

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pacific Angler Summer Sale is on this weekend!

VANCOUVER: Pacific Angler on West Broadway in Vancouver is holding a Summer Sale this weekend and is backing up the event with an aggressive radio and online campaign. Email flyers have been sent to the entire newsletter email list using Constant Contact Email Software and commercials will be running on NEWS 1130 and JR FM this week.

CLICK ON THE IMAGE to hear the 30second radio commercial on JR FM

CLICK ON THE IMAGE to hear the 30second radio commercial on NEWS 1130

For more information contact:

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies
604-520-9866 tel

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

K&H Dispatch launches "Drive Your Business" TV campaign

VANCOUVER - K&H Dispatch is breaking ground with a new approach to advertising for owner/operators to join their team. With the strong economy in the Lower Mainland, K&H is having challenges keeping up with the demand by customers. The traditional methods of advertising in 'job listing' isn't keeping up with the demand. BECK Agencies worked with Channel M TV to develop the new "Drive Your Business" TV creative running in Punjabi and English starting the week of August 6th.

BECK Agencies CEO Fred Beck said "We are working with K&H Dispatch to invite new owner/operators to join the K&H team". Beck adds "We know that the South Asian community is extremely interested in self employment and it made sense to create a commercial targeting an ethnic group that is receptive to self employment opportunities".


Jim Pattison Chrysler Dodge in Surrey partnered with the production of the TV commercials and appears as the 'dealer location'. "There is a high level of consumer confidence established with the Jim Pattison Group and we wanted to bring them in as a partner in this unique marketing opportunity. We expect to help sell Dodge Sprinter courier vans with this campaign" Fred Beck said. "The van we feature in the commercials is the top-of-the-line model for courier vans and Jim Pattison Chrysler Dodge is one of the top dealers for these types of vehicles".

CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to view the Punjabi version of the commercial

CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to view the English version of the commercial

For more information contact:

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies

Friday, July 27, 2007

Dinotown hit's the road with OMNI 10's Road Trip

In addition to an aggressive TV schedule on OMNI 10, Channel M and Global TV, Dinotown will be giving away passes and prize packages over the summer.

CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to view the OMNI 10 Dinotown Road Trip Promo

CLICK HERE to visit DINOTOWN.COM and download your coupon to save $$$!

Broco Auto Glass launches new radio campaign

VANCOUVER - Broco Auto Glass will begin airing a new radio campaign on Monday using one of the most recognized voices in Vancouver radio, Jennifer Thomson. Thomson is the co-host of an afternoon show on CFUN and was the high profile traffic reporter on CKNW for a number of years.

"We wanted a voice that would be instantly recognizable to Vancouver commuters and having a female spokesperson helps us connect with our large female customer base" Fred Beck, CEO of BROCO explains. " Broco has an extremely high brand awareness in the city and by aligning our brand with the recognized name and voice of Jennifer's makes sense for our summer FREE CHIP REPAIR campaign" Beck added. "At Broco, we are extremely female friendly and welcome women customers into our shops....we make the experience of repairing a windshield hassle free and close to 70% of our customers are female"


"Research shows that a high percentage of the automotive decisions are made by women" Mitch Drew, BROCO's advertising agent stated. "over 70% of women state they are responsible for making the maintenance decisions concerning their vehicles and only 8% said they were responsible for none of the maintenance decisions according to the Automotive Service Councils of California study" he added.


- According to the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, women are taking over the traditionally male-dominated responsibility of maintenance and repair. (VMR International, 2001)

- More than 65% of customers who take their vehicles to a repair shop for service and repair are women.

The "FREE STONE CHIP REPAIR" campaign will run until the end of summer.

Jennifer Thomson at a media event with Trevor Linden of the Vancouver Canucks


For more information contact:
Fred Beck
BROCO Auto Glass

Friday, July 20, 2007

Canucks Hockey in July? Game On!

VANCOUVER – It was Game On on Wednesday morning in the Vancouver Canucks dressing room at GM Place as the team executives officially launched the 2007-2008 TV Broadcast Schedule and introduced some new programs that will be featured on CANUCKS TV. Canucks EVP Jon Festinger was extremely happy to report that the first two games will be the San Jose exhibition game at home and the Edmonton away game on Saturday nights! (Sept 22 and 29th).

The event was also hosted by IMSTV, who will be the exclusive representatives of a suite of new sponsorship opportunities on CANUCKS TV. These include the games carried on Sportsnet as well as the 'Game of the Month' on PPV. There are a number of new opportunities available for advertisers including sponsorships, billboards, segment sponsorships and promotions.

ProStar LED Signage at GM Place
If you attended a game last season, you may have noticed the significant upgrades that have taken place inside GM Place. The new HD LED screen system is amazing and the wrap-around screen is an incredible 3' high by 149' wide, wrapping the entire rink! When a sponsors logo is on this screen, it's like that sponsor OWNS THE RINK. Very cool stuff!

New access for Local Advertisers

With new programming and sponsorship options on CANUCKS TV and new opportunities to have exposure 'in the building', we will likely see a new batch of non-traditional Canucks sponsors at the game and on TV this year.

BECK Agencies is currently placing our clients into Vancouver Canucks broadcast and signage/sponsorship packages and look forward to aligning our clients with one of the top brands in BC again in the 2007-2008 season.

For more information contact:
Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies



Monday, July 16, 2007

'The Apprentice' to return with celebs!

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Check your publicist at the boardroom door — NBC is inviting celebrities to try to wow Donald Trump in the next version of "The Apprentice."

And while it would make for a marquee matchup, don't expect Rosie O'Donnell to be among them.

"It will never happen in this lifetime or beyond," said Cindi Berger, O'Donnell's spokeswoman.

The network announced Monday that the game show will be back in the middle of next season with the celebrity twist, the winner donating proceeds to charity instead of going to work for The Donald.