Friday, July 20, 2007

Canucks Hockey in July? Game On!

VANCOUVER – It was Game On on Wednesday morning in the Vancouver Canucks dressing room at GM Place as the team executives officially launched the 2007-2008 TV Broadcast Schedule and introduced some new programs that will be featured on CANUCKS TV. Canucks EVP Jon Festinger was extremely happy to report that the first two games will be the San Jose exhibition game at home and the Edmonton away game on Saturday nights! (Sept 22 and 29th).

The event was also hosted by IMSTV, who will be the exclusive representatives of a suite of new sponsorship opportunities on CANUCKS TV. These include the games carried on Sportsnet as well as the 'Game of the Month' on PPV. There are a number of new opportunities available for advertisers including sponsorships, billboards, segment sponsorships and promotions.

ProStar LED Signage at GM Place
If you attended a game last season, you may have noticed the significant upgrades that have taken place inside GM Place. The new HD LED screen system is amazing and the wrap-around screen is an incredible 3' high by 149' wide, wrapping the entire rink! When a sponsors logo is on this screen, it's like that sponsor OWNS THE RINK. Very cool stuff!

New access for Local Advertisers

With new programming and sponsorship options on CANUCKS TV and new opportunities to have exposure 'in the building', we will likely see a new batch of non-traditional Canucks sponsors at the game and on TV this year.

BECK Agencies is currently placing our clients into Vancouver Canucks broadcast and signage/sponsorship packages and look forward to aligning our clients with one of the top brands in BC again in the 2007-2008 season.

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