Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Harvey's Furniture open online showroom at

VANCOUVER - Harvey's Furniture and Appliances is one of Vancouver's oldest retail stores. For over 70 years and three generations, the Harvey family has been selling and servicing furniture and appliances and this week the store launched a new web site in conjunction with and the Buy & Sell Newspaper.

BECK Agencies is the Agency of Record for Harvey's and coordinated the development of the site. The new web page, banner ads and display ads were created by Kim Peterson at Creative Plus Solutions and the entire back-end and inventory listing was created by the team.

"This has truly been a project that took teamwork..from the client to the designer to the people at" Mitch Drew, Beck Agencies President said. "We are extremely happy with the final result and look forward to moving product using the new site and listings" Drew added.

"We were looking for a turn-key solution and BECK Agencies brought it to us with the web strategy" said Eric Harvey. "Our advertising will be directing consumers to our web site and online inventory..while visitors to the looking for specific items can find it in our store".

Banner ads for the Harvey's Showroom will be running in various areas of the site and a coordinated search effort using other providers will help increase traffic to the site and the online store.

Kim Peterson
Creative Plus Solutions

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies
604-520-9866 tel

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Art of Negotiation by Donald J. Trump

One of my favorite Blogs is located at the Trump University web site.

Here is a recent post by Donald Trump on negotiation and my comment below.


The Art of Negotiation
by Donald J. Trump

Negotiating is an art. There are nuances and finely honed techniques and rules to be aware of. Here are a few of them:
Know what you’re doing. Sounds simple, but I’ve seen a lot of instances where I couldn’t believe how much the other side didn’t know. I immediately knew I could have a grand slam and fast, just based on their apparent lack of preparation. My father used to tell me, “Know everything you can about what you’re doing.” He was absolutely right, and I’m giving you the same advice. Follow it.

Remember, it takes a lot of smarts to play dumb. This is a good way to see how much your negotiating partners don’t know. It’s also a good way to see if they are bulldozing you.
Keep them a bit off balance. What they don’t know won’t hurt you, and that may help you down the line. Knowledge is power, so keep as much of it to yourself as possible.
Trust your instincts. There are a lot of situations that will not be black and white in negotiating, so go with your gut. Combine this with your homework and you’ll be ahead of the game.
Don’t be confined by expectations. There are no exact rules, and sometimes I’ve changed course in the middle of negotiations when something new has occurred to me. Remain flexible and open to new ideas, even when you think you know exactly what you want. This attitude has provided me with opportunities that I would not have thought about before.
Know when to say no. This has become instinct for me by now, but I think we all know when that buzzer goes off inside. Pay attention to that signal.
Be patient. I’ve waited for some deals for decades, and it was worth the wait. But make sure what you’re waiting for is worth it to begin with.
To speed up negotiations, be indifferent. That way you’ll find out if the other side is eager to proceed.
Remember that in the best negotiations, everyone wins. This is the ideal situation to strive for. You will also be laying the ground work for future business deals with people who know what integrity is.
In summing up, I can say that negotiation is an art. All the arts require discipline, technique, and a dose of imagination to take them beyond the realm of the ordinary. Don’t be an ordinary negotiator when you can be an extraordinary one. Devote time to this art and it can bring you enormous rewards.

Donald J. Trump is Chairman of Trump University.

TrumpU posting by Mitch Drew on 06/21/2007 10:49 AM

Mr. Trump,

During the negotiation of an advertising contract with one of my tougher clients, I was reminded how important it is STAY ON TRACK.

My client is a well educated criminal lawyer and spends his day in court defending people who require a sharp, focused and powerful negotiator.

My client never looses focus on exactly what he wants to achieve during negotiations. He is solid, focused and will bring the conversation around to the place he wants it to be if he feels the negotiations are not going in the right direction. It's cool to be on the other side of the table with him...because you are required to bring your 'A Game' and nothing short will do.


It's easy to loose focus on what we really want to achieve out of each deal. With many options like volume, timing, delivery determining the price, the negotiation can often head off in a direction that may not be relevant or serve your purpose.

I suggest that a person follow the rules of Trump Negotiation and have a clear understanding as to what you want to achieve in each specific negotiation. Stay focused on this and don't be afraid to 'dig in' a little if you feel the deal is going in a direction that is not in your best interest.

Our clients teach us many things and with each successful negotiation...we all get a little better!

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies

Thursday, June 07, 2007

eBay Joins with Bid4Spots for Online Radio Auction and eBay have formed an alliance that will allow advertisers and agencies to bid for radio advertising time on most U.S. radio stations.

The alliance, which will offer inventory on most of the top-ranked stations, including those owned by Clear Channel, poses a significant challenge to Google Audio, MediaPost writes.

The radio auction could help give the eBay Media Marketplace, which was launched last year with significant advertiser backing but which has failed to attract much participation from television networks, much-needed traction, according to the article. The two marketplaces are quite different, however, in the fact that the radio alliance is a media auctioning site, while the eBay Media Marketplace is not based on an auction at all, but has simply been set up as a way to facilitate the buying of TV time.

Women's oriented network Oxygen was the first cable network to endorse the marketplace by making its inventory available on it, despite the fact that the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau, of which Oxygen is a member, opposes the exchange.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Sandpiper Golf Resort on GLOBAL TV

VANCOUVER – BECK Agencies has developed a new advertising campaign for The Sandpiper Golf Resort in Harrison Mills. Using Magazine, Radio and Television, the campaign was created to increase the awareness of this first class golf destination.

The ‘Stay and Play’ campaign is featured in Pacific Golf Magazine, on CKNW and Team 1040 radio. In addition to the “Stay and Play’ program, the campaign will invite golfers to join the ‘e-club’ to receive a FREE round of golf in the month of their birthday. The web site is being promoted at CKNW.COM's Poll of the Day with banner ads online and on-air sponsor tie-in to the daily online poll.

Here is the 10sec Closed Caption sponsorship that will be running in the Morning News on Global TV starting June 11th.

VancouverTV.TV produced this clip featuring The Sandpiper last year…..have a look!

The First Tee at Sandpiper Golf Resort. Brad Ewart and Sandpiper's Golf Pro Ted Swaine tee-off in the midst of majestic 120' firs know as "The Chimes".

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies

Local Online Advertising to Grow 31.6% in '07

U.S. local online advertising is forecast to reach $7.5 billion - 31.6 percent over 2006 levels, according to "What Local Media Web Sites Earn: 2007 Survey," the fifth annual benchmarking report from Borrell Associates, MarketingCharts reports.

Nearly 25 percent of the local media websites in the Borrell survey were on track to generate more than $1 million in gross revenues this year; and 6.6 percent of them are forecast to generate more than $10 million, the research firm said.

According to Borrell's findings:

* Newspapers account for the dominant share of all locally spent online advertising: 35.9 percent
* Pure-play internet companies (Google, Yahoo, Monster, etc.) are right behind with 33.2 percent
* Yellow pages operators control 11.7 percent
* Other Print (e.g., Homes & Land and other local magazines), 9.2 percent
* TV stations, 7.7 percent
* Radio stations, 2.2 percent.

Pursuing non-traditional advertisers is becoming the route to growth, according to the report: "The number of locally based online-only salespeople grew 26 percent in 2006. Budgeted figures for 2007 anticipate an additional 35 percent increase in hiring this year."

For 2007, newspaper online ad revenue is expected to reach $3.2 billion; TV stations will account for $602 million; and radio stations will pull in $189 million, writes MediaWeek, citing the Borrell report.

Local ad growth will continue to surpass that of national online advertising, which is expected to increase 20.7 percent, to $22.1 billion, according to MediaWeek.

Most local media are generating 2-5 percent of their revenue from web operations, though newspaper companies tend to generate more, according to the article: "Online ad revenue represents 10.7 percent of The Washington Post’s gross revenue; the New York Times and Morris Communications, 8.1 percent; Scripps, 7.0 percent; and McClatchy, 6.6 percent."

Monday, June 04, 2007

Pacific Angler launches summer radio with Fathers Day


VANCOUVER - Pacific Angler on West Broadway has launched an exciting summer advertising campaign on News 1130 and New Country JR FM.
"News 1130 has a great cumulative audience and many lower mainland commuters listen each day for traffic, weather and border reports" BECK Agencies President Mitch Drew said. "The 1130 audience is all about quality and the good things in life. Pacific Angler supplies the top name brands and highest quality of angling we see a good fit with the station" Drew added.
The JR FM listener is twice as likely to fish and be an active outdoor person. The station was also selected for is large audience in the Fraser Valley. "JR FM has a large audience and an extremely loyal one" BECK Media Director Elsie Frawley said. "We wanted to reach a large group of rural fishing and outdoor consumers with JR's an extremely efficient buy and the audience likes to spend money on camping, boating etc.." she added.

Pacific Angler's Jason Tonelli holding up a BIG ONE!
For more information on BECK Agencies contact:

Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies
604-520-9866 bus

NBC Creates "Road Block" For Tiger Woods

NBC Creates "Road Block" For Tiger Woods
Ben Grossman -- Broadcasting & Cable, 6/4/2007

NBC Universal is creating an 11-platform "road block" on the morning of June 14 showcasing Tiger Woods’ opening tee shot at the 2007 U.S. Open golf tournament.

Seven networks and four websites will carry the Today show’s coverage at 8 a.m. ET, which will feature Matt Lauer in New York and NBC Sports announcers Dan Hicks and Johnny Miller on site at Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, Pa.

The networks on board are NBC, USA Network, CNBC, MSNBC, Bravo, SciFi and Universal HD, while web coverage will be on,, and Promotion across all the platforms launches Monday, June 4.

The last time NBC U did something similar was in June of 2005 for the unveiling of a trailer for Universal Pictures’ King Kong.

NBC U has Lexus on board as presenting sponsor of the "road block," which kicks off NBC’s coverage of the U.S. Open June 14-17.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Online Automotive Adspend to Reach $4.2 Billion by 2011

While qualified leads on automotive dealer and seller websites have increased dramatically since 2005, conversion rates have dropped, according to data from the National Automotive Dealers Association.

According to the data, dealerships received 319.9 unsolicited prospects per month in 2006, compared with just 227.9 per month in 2005, writes eMarketer. Of those, 52.9 were qualified leads in 2006, compared with 29.5 in 2005. However, conversion rates dropped, from 26.4 percent in 2005 to 19.2 percent in 2006.

Conversion rates from customers who arrived through third-party sites were better, at 29.6 percent in 2006.

Local online advertising by automakers, dealers and individual sellers will grow to $4.2 billion in 2011, from $2.3 billion in 2006, according to recent data from Borrell Associates.