Tuesday, May 20, 2008

DINOTOWN is open and on-the-air with Channel 10

Channel 10 is running an exciting summer promotion to invite local tourists to take part in activities in their own backyard.

The new promos begin airing this week.

Click here to view a promo including DINOTOWN as a participating sponsor.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fox First To Use Two-Second Radio Spots

Fox Television will be the first advertiser to use “blinks,” the two-second radio spots developed by Clear Channel, to promote Prison Break, House and The Simpsons.

The spots will air over all 1100 Clear Channel radio stations every hour (except for “The Simpsons” which airs two an hour), along with a 60 second spot, on the day the shows premiere, which is Aug. 21 (”Prison Break”), Sept. 5 (”House”), and Sept. 9 (”The Simpsons”), RadioandRecords reports. In the markets ranked 50 or smaller, the “Blinks” will air without the accompanying 60 second spot.

Fox experimented with one-second spots, but decided they were too short. CC set the rate for the blinks at 10 percent of a 60, but in a soft ad market, that’s negotiable.

CLICK HERE to listen to some a BLINK demo and other options from Clear Channel Radio

Friday, May 02, 2008

Google Opens Doors to TV AdWords, Offers Monetary Incentive

Google Opens Doors to TV AdWords, Offers Monetary Incentive

Google’s program to put regular 30-second commercials on TV using its AdWords program has been opened up to all advertisers after nearly a year in beta.

Ads placed using the service will appear on the Dish satellite TV network - the only TV service that will allow Google to put its tracking software on its set-top boxes, TechCrunch points out.

A competitor, titled Project Canoe, is being created collectively by the cable companies who “don’t want Google touching their set-top boxes,” according to the post from Erick Schonfeld.

Dish Network reaches 13 million households, MediaPost writes. Data available from the program includes average seconds tuned per impression and the number of people who watched the commercial from beginning to end.

To make its service more palatable, Google is offering up to $2,000 in costs for advertisers to create their own TV ads through its Ad Creation Marketplace. To get the discount, an advertiser must spend at least $2,000 a week on ads, for at least four straight weeks.