Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Basics of Local Online Advertising

The promise of the web has been a global one. It connects companies to telecommuters, outsourcers, far-off countries and customers around the world. But a new trend in the web is bringing it closer to home . . . and business. The “local web” is the way the internet helps connect people with places in their hometowns as well as their business and travel destinations. For local entrepreneurs, it’s about using the web to reach customers and vice versa.


For a downloadable checklist of the top 15 sites you need to advertise on locally, CLICK HERE, Hispanic Portal Terra Enter Major Deal has developed a relationship with Hispanic Web portal Terra to offer its 2 million new and used car listings on Terra's automotive channel, according to AdWeek. Terra visitors will also be able to create their own listings via Car's "Sell It Yourself" service.

Among Terra's unique visitors, 60 percent are online daily and 50 percent indicated they would purchase a car online. Further, 84 percent turned to the Web as their primary source of automotive info. advertisers can reach two-thirds of those seeking a used car in the States. Terra joins a broad partnership network that includes Kelly Blue Book, MSN Autos, and

Friday, May 25, 2007

Brij Mohan & Associates TV commercials on Channel M

VANCOUVER - BECK Agencies is pleased to have their first ethnic TV commercial in Punjabi air this week on Channel M. The 2 x 7second commercials were shot in Edmonton with a crew from CITY TV and produced by the commercial production team at Channel M Vancouver.

BECK Agencies
has created a sub-brand called "BECK Ethnic" to handle the specific needs of clients wanting to reach out to customers in languages like Cantonese, Mandarin, Punjabi, Korean and Spanish.

"Our agency clients are at the front-line and they service customers from many different ethnic groups" said Fred Beck, CEO of BECK Agencies and owner of BROCO Auto Glass. "As a business operator myself, I know how important it is to reach out to various ethnic groups....we've seen the benefits of multi-language advertising at many of our stores. Advertising to customers in a language they understand is a great way to grow your business" Beck added.

With the number of Lower Mainland consumers who view, read and listen to media NOT in English close to 1,000,000 people, advertisers are jumping on the 'ethnic' bandwagon as a way to grow sales.

In addition to ethnic TV, BECK Agencies has just entered into a long term relationship with the Buy & Sell Newspaper that includes display and classified ads in the Chinese Buy & Sell and

Click on the images to view the Brij Mohan & Associates TV commercials

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sandpiper Golf Resort offers $140 Stay & Play Package

The Sandpiper Golf Resort in Harrison Mills is offering a unique golf getaway package this summer. This “Stay & Play” package is unique because it offers a round of golf in one of BC's most spectacular settings with an overnight stay in the guest cottages or one of five guest rooms at “The Inn”.

BECK Agencies is working with the resort's General Manager Chris Lepine to advertise and promote this world class destination. The advertising campaign begins with a series of full page colour ads in major golf publications.

“Golf magazines are an obvious choice for the foundation of our summer advertising strategy and with early production deadlines, it had to be our first priority. We are extremely pleased with the creative we've placed in select regional and national golf publications” said Mitch Drew, President BECK Agencies.

In addition to magazine, BECK Agencies is creating and placing Television, Radio and select outdoor and media partners will be giving away “Stay & Play” prize packages over the summer.

“Our media suppliers have been great. We've worked with them to find ways to add value by including promotions and they have all come back with fun and unique contests that create win-win situation for all of us” Mitch Drew added.

For more information click on the links below:

Sandpiper Golf Resort
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Pacific Golf Magazine
BECK Agencies

Mitch Drew
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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Here are today's stories from Media Buyer Planner

Univision to Produce 'Housewives' in Spanish

Disney-ABC International Television Latin America has signed a deal allowing Univision to produce a version of Desperate Housewives in Spanish.
The Hispanic version will be produced in Argentina, writes Mediaweek. The format and scripts will follow the U.S. version, but will have adaptations made for the preferences of U.S. Hispanics.


ESPN Touts New Shows, Airs 'ESPN Minute' on ABC

Cross-platform offerings are the name of the game this week. Telemundo is attempting to bag advertisers by offering deals that include television spots, online ads, retail and in-store opportunities and event sponsorships, while ESPN is offering opportunities to be distributed across several other ESPN platforms.

The ESPN Minute, for example, will air on ABC, appearing hourly as a sports update, writes Mediaweek. It will be sponsored by advertisers. ABC, ESPN and ESPN2 will televise The Moto X World Championships in April 2008. The championship is a new annual event from the ESPN X Games team, which will also be shown on ESPN360 and, and on the newly branded and re-released ESPN mobile channel.

The network is also launching ESPN Reports, a fast-paced blend of behind-the-scenes and investigative reporting and storytelling to be televised on ESPN leading out of SportsCenter, and ESPNews, a weekly Sunday morning program focusing on fantasy sports, beginning in August


MBP Overview: The Scoop on Digital Billboards

Out of home advertising is a growing $6.8 billion industry, and digital billboards are expected to be the fastest area of growth within the medium. Billboard companies such as Clear Channel Outdoor and CBS Outdoor are quickly launching digital networks or replacing old billboards with digital, but some controversy surrounds the new technology. While the Outdoor Advertising Association of America calls the display on a digital billboard "similar to static billboards," and mandates that an image not change more often than every six to eight seconds, some reports in the media describe the billboards as "plasma TVs" and wonder whether they pose safety hazards.


See 'Lost,' Disney Content and More on Third Screen

The Walt Disney Co. will make Disney-ABC TV content available to Sprint Nextel subscribers, while ESPN and Verizon will revive ESPN's branded mobile service that was eighty-sixed last year.

The ESPN deal will include advertising; the ABC deal will add advertising in the fall, writes The Hollywood Reporter. The pair of mobile deals marks the first large-scale mobile programming effort by a major broadcast network.

ESPN's mobile offering has been retooled and rebranded, and will present content such as SportsCenter and Pardon the Interruption video clips and highlights. The mobile channel will now be called MVP and will include pre-roll and banner ads.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sears Carpet Care launches new Direct Response TV on OMNI 10

Sears Carpet Care has launched a new TV campaign on OMNI 10 designed to generate calls and book appointments for carpet cleaning in the Lower Mainland.

The production team at OMNI 10 used a national commercial that ran in 2004 and punched it up by recording a new voice over, adding new music and revising the graphics to create a custom commercial with a dedicated phone number.

"We are excited to be working with this Direct Response client and OMNI 10"
said Mitch Drew, President of BECK Agencies. "OMNI 10 was open to creating a win-win situation with our client by using a dedicated phone number so that we can track the calls, look at the value of each sale and really optimize this campaign".

OMNI 10 Account Manager Graeme Smith created a schedule combining fixed time spots and an ROS bonus schedule that will achieve good rates for higher rated OMNI programs and maximize the return on the fringe and lower rated program on the station.

"Graeme has been great and working with OMNI 10's GSM Gary Milne, they developed a program that really met the needs of our client and we look forward to a long term relationship with the station" Mitch added. "Sears Carpet Care is a leading brand and leading carpet care company and we want to keep growing the business for our client".

Click on the image to view the new creative:

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Mitch Drew
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Billboards May Be Watching… and Counting

A Canadian academic has created technology enabling billboards to track and count the number of people who look at it, reports The Associated Press (via MarketingVox).

The portable device can recognize when eyeballs are actually turned toward signage, an improvement over previous, more expensive devices.

The Xuuk eyebox2 was developed by Roel Vertegaal and costs $999. Broad use and data resulting from the eyebox2 could affect rates charged for billboard ads over the long-term.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Comcast seeks same-day movie releases as theaters

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - Comcast Corp., the biggest U.S. cable operator, has held talks with Hollywood studios to show movies on cable on the same day as they open in theaters, the company said on Monday as rivals also outlined plans for more premium content on television.

Comcast Chief Operating Officer Stephen Burke told a trade show that subscribers could be charged $30 to $50 to watch an opening-day movie at home, narrowing the "window" between big screen and small screen debuts to nothing.
Theater owners have staunchly resisted any effort to cut the time between theatrical and DVD releases for fear that attendance would drop, while movie companies which get most of their profit from DVDs want a narrower window that would bring earnings forward and reduce the need for a second advertising campaign when a film is ready for home viewing.


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Brij Mohan & Associates create new TV commercials

EDMONTON - It's been an exciting week at Brij Mohan & Associates Law Offices in Edmonton this week as BECK Agencies and a production crew from CITY TV Edmonton arrived for a commercial shoot.

The new creative will be running on Channel M starting the week of May 14th and a combination of 7sec 'mini-commercials' and a 30sec full commercial will debut.

Brij Mohan
is one of Western Canada's most successful South Asian Criminal and Car Accident lawyers and his team is leading the market in cases in Edmonton, Calgary and now Surrey/Vancouver.

The new 7sec 'mini-creative' concept was inspired by a 7sec production package created last year by BECK President Mitch Drew for Capital Direct.

"The 7sec mini commercial concept is an excellent way to achieve a combination of reach and frequency on high profile TV programs. In this case the PRIME Punjabi News on Channel M is the most watched Punjabi program in the Lower Mainland" said Mitch Drew. "Positioning our client as a dominant advertiser in this high profile News program is the most efficient way to reach a large audience with frequency" he added.

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Spanish-Language Ad Spend Increased 14.4% in '06

Ad spend across Spanish-language media increased 14.4 percent last year to $5.59 billion, and has continued to outpace spending in general market media.

Spanish-language cable TV had the second largest growth among media, growing 14.7 percent to $142.8 million, writes Mediaweek.

The top 20 Spanish-language advertisers, including P&G, AT&T, Verizon and McDonald's, increased Spanish-language budgets by 4.7 percent. Those advertisers were responsible for nearly a third of all advertising on Spanish-language media.

With $264.2 million in spending, Broadcast Media Partners (the parent company of Univision as well as various music and video businesses) is the largest advertiser across all Spanish-language media, writes MarketingCharts.

Spot radio had the largest growth across all media, up 30 percent to $739.2 million. National magazines grew 14.7 percent to $142.8 million.

Newspaper growth was the slowest, up 4.3 percent to $110.4 million.

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