Saturday, May 05, 2007

Brij Mohan & Associates create new TV commercials

EDMONTON - It's been an exciting week at Brij Mohan & Associates Law Offices in Edmonton this week as BECK Agencies and a production crew from CITY TV Edmonton arrived for a commercial shoot.

The new creative will be running on Channel M starting the week of May 14th and a combination of 7sec 'mini-commercials' and a 30sec full commercial will debut.

Brij Mohan
is one of Western Canada's most successful South Asian Criminal and Car Accident lawyers and his team is leading the market in cases in Edmonton, Calgary and now Surrey/Vancouver.

The new 7sec 'mini-creative' concept was inspired by a 7sec production package created last year by BECK President Mitch Drew for Capital Direct.

"The 7sec mini commercial concept is an excellent way to achieve a combination of reach and frequency on high profile TV programs. In this case the PRIME Punjabi News on Channel M is the most watched Punjabi program in the Lower Mainland" said Mitch Drew. "Positioning our client as a dominant advertiser in this high profile News program is the most efficient way to reach a large audience with frequency" he added.

For more information contact:
Mitch Drew
BECK Agencies

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