Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ont. Liberal TV ads target ethnic vote

Ont. Liberal TV ads target ethnic vote

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

TORONTO - Just seven months away from a provincial election and still smarting from a bitter byelection defeat in September, the Ontario Liberal party Monday unveiled a series of television ads targeted largely at ethnic voters in three upcoming races.

Observers say the ads reflect a heightened sense of urgency among provincial Liberals, who are worried about losing momentum as they near the October 2007 provincial vote. Television ads have never before been employed in a byelection race.
Liberal spokeswoman Christine Bome said the ads will run on two networks with large ethnic viewership, Omni and Fairchild Television, but denied they were made specific bid to capture the ethnic vote.

''We're targeting what we can afford,'' said Bome, executive director of the party's advertising body. ''At the end of the day, if we were to put an ad on the air for Toronto, that would go well beyond our resources ... These are very strategic and targeted buys on people that we believe live in those communities.''


Monday, January 29, 2007

TV Stations Prepare for $1 Billion Presidential Ad Onslaught

Dozens of Candidates Create Most Wide-Open Race Since TV Era Began
By Ira Teinowitz

WASHINGTON ( -- The 2008 presidential race is shaping up to be an embarrassment of riches -- and possibly headaches -- for TV markets across the country.

Amid mouthwatering visions of more than $1 billion in spending on the most wide-open race since the TV era began, stations will have to devise some way to handle the rush when close to two dozen candidates come knocking at the same time. And some local TV stations will look to the web for help.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

MITCH TV. Over 7,000 video views served!

Since adding video to MITCH TV last year, the hits have increased and the number of video views per-day are increasing. We've seen days with over 175 views and total views to date are over 7,000!

My profile video has been viewed over 440 times!

If you would like information on how to add video to your site, call or email me.

Mitch Drew

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Country radio grapples with shifting demographics

NASHVILLE (Billboard) - When Los Angeles country music station KZLA changed format last August, alarms sounded in the country music radio and record communities.

It's increasingly difficult to succeed with country radio in a market where Caucasians carry less and less sway.


Friday, January 19, 2007

Sylvan Learning Center on Channel M

Sylvan Learning Centers CANTONESE

Sylvan Learning Center Chinese on Vimeo

Sylvan Learning Centers MANDARIN

Sylvan Learning Center Mandarin on Vimeo

Sylvan Learning Centers PUNJABI

Sylvan Learning Center Punjabi on Vimeo

Recording the Cantonese and Mandarin Voice-over at Channel M Studios, Vancouver

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Super Bowl not so SUPER for CBS?

Yes it's true, at MITCH TV we are obsessed with The Super Bowl and it's not about how much the spots are sold's all about how many people it reaches and in this world of 'narrow casting' and consumer-generated-content it's nice to know that the world will be normal again on one Sunday a year.

It turns out CBS still has time left in the game and with only a few weeks to go, only 70% of the inventory is sold out. Some think that this there are advertisers who are 'IN' but don't want you to know they are 'IN' and some think that the big budgets for GIANT TV events may be moving away from the current trends of specialty TV and select programming.

Post a comment! What do you think?


USA Networks "Nashville Star" partners with JuiceCaster

This is a really cool story.

USA Networks are starting production of their 5th season of a talent search program called "Nashville Star". To capitalize on the growing trend in consumer-generated-media, the have teamed up with Juice Wireless.

Contestants of the show will be able to instantly upload photos and video clips taken with their cell phones and post them online at the "Nashville Star" web site.

Viewers aka FANS of the show will be able to see the "the 1 hour on TV and the other 23 hours" of the contestant's lives as they compete to get a record deal.

Fans of the show will subscribe to a particular contestant's MediaBox channel and can be notified when news posts are uploaded, via test message. Fans can view the content on their cell phones of link to the site online.


LX.TV is on NBC!

Web TV show moves to the Big Network

Last year, MITCH TV hosted a segment of LX.TV and told you about how this cool new TV show was gaining attention as a way to reach young, sexy and rich New Yorkers and LA'ers.

This week episode "LX.TV 1st?look:NYC" aired on WNBC's HD channel digital 4.4.

Look for more LX.TV coming soon to a BIG SCREEN near you and look for web-to-TV to be an emerging trend in 2007.


Latinos TV Viewers get "Rated"

Hispanic "Rating Watch" to feature Latino TV viewers.

Hispanic Market Weekly announced that they will be adding a new feature to help advertisers and agencies determine what Spanish-language and English-language shows are most watched by Latinos.

"Ratings Watch" will also give and overview of what is happening in local markets, like New York, LA and Miami and look at how the independent stations are competing against the main networks.