Friday, January 30, 2009

Sweet: Hershey to Boost Ad Spend 25%

Decline in kisses is not okay

The current decline in the flagging Hershey Kisses brand is “not acceptable,” says Hershey CEO David West. To shore up the brand, as well as others in the Hershey stable, the company plans to boost ad spending by as much as 25% this year.

That means Hershey could be looking at $200 million in ad spend, up from $161 million spent on advertising in 2008, writes MediaPost. The boost is due to the fact that the company became more efficient in its media buys in the latter part of 2008. West said that the GRP increase is “much, much higher than the actual increase in the rate of advertising.”

Hershey spent 23% more in the fourth quarter of 2008, for a net sales jump of 2.6%, to $1.4 billion. It is expecting a 2% to 3% bump in sales this year.

Hershey said it will continue to avoid advertising in shows or publications that showcase violence or sensationalism involving “delicate” social subjects.

Like Hershey, Procter & Gamble said last month that it plans to increase spending. P&G CEO A.G. Lafley said that it is currently possible to buy more media at a lower cost and to increase share of voice for its brands, compared to competitors.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

INSPIRATION ON A DIME -- Lean Budgets Don t Impede Creativity, Say Most Advertising and Marketing Execs

TORONTO, Jan. 27 /CNW/ - When the going gets tough, the tough get more creative, a new survey suggests. Forty per cent of marketing and advertising executives polled said campaigns become more innovative when budgets are lean. Twenty-six per cent felt that tight spending had no effect on creativity levels.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Plane Crash survivor reading Gladwell's Outliers

On CNN this morning, one of the US Airways plane crash survivors mentioned that he was reading Malcolm Gladwell’s new book Outliers and had just finished the portion of the book discussing airline crashes.

Here’s an excerpt from an online interview with Malcolm Gladwell:

Question: What's the most surprising pattern you uncovered in the book?

Gladwell: It's probably the chapter nearly the end of Outliers where I talk about plane crashes. How good a pilot is, it turns out, has a lot to do with where that pilot is from—that is, the culture he or she was raised in. I was actually stunned by how strong the connection is between culture and crashes, and it's something that I would never have dreamed was true, in a million years.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mitch Drew is back at Channel 10!

Mitch Drew joins Joytv 10 sales department.

LANGLEY - With new owners (S-VOX) and a new schedule, former NOWTV Sales Manager Mitch Drew returns to Channel 10 on Feb. 2nd. "I am excited to return to a station that I called home from 2001 - 2005" Mitch said.

"They have a great team of people and a very strong local schedule. During these times advertisers are looking for cost effective alternatives...and Joytv 10 is great value with one of the best dial positions in TV" he added.

Mitch Drew
Account Executive
Joytv 10
604-576-6880 studio

Monday, January 12, 2009

Where to Find the Bright Spots in 2009

From Online Video to Pet Care and Analytics, There Are Opportunities

NEW YORK ( -- The worst November-December retail season since 1970; taxpayer bailouts to save Detroit; marketing budgets slashed; tens of thousands laid off across agencies, media companies and marketing departments; and still more cuts coming every day.
You've read the bad news, and no one's denying that it's grim, but surely there are some bright spots out there somewhere? Ad Age decided to go digging for some areas that might provide opportunities for the marketing and media industries to not only survive, but even thrive in 2009. Here are a handful, and we'll be bringing you more throughout 2009.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Deloitte report claims traditional media 'more popular than online'

Traditional media including print, TV and radio remains more popular than online in Britain, according to research from Deloitte.

The business advisory firm's Media Democracy report said British people spend around 69.7 hours a week consuming different kinds of media.

For 72% of consumers, TV came out top, followed by books (42%), music (36%) and the internet (35%).


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Vander Zalm writes the wrongs in his new book

By Michael Smyth
The Province
January 8, 2009

Call it "The Revenge of the Zalm." Ex-premier Bill Vander Zalm's brand-new autobiography — entitled For The People — is a spirited defence of his controversial political career and an unrelenting attack on his many enemies both within and without the once-powerful Social Credit Party.


Bill Vander Zalm signing copies of his new book with Mitch Drew - December 2008

Donald Trump rounds up celebs for new 'Apprentice' season

NEW YORK - Early last October, NBC unveiled the 16-member cast of "Celebrity Apprentice" to reporters. Everyone on hand at the locked-down news conference swore to keep the participants' identities a secret until NBC said "go."

With NBC now issuing its cue Thursday to go public, the major media can take pride at having kept the lid on names like country music's Clint Black, TV personality Khloe Kardashian and former "Baywatch" babe Brande Roderick (photo).

Those don't-I-know-him-or-her-from-somewhere? stars will be competing for the title of Celebrity Apprentice when the reality series returns for its eighth season March 1.


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Front Page ‘NY Times’ Ad Runs for $75K to $100K

The new ads running below the fold on the front page of The New York Times sell for $75,000 on weekdays and $100,000 on Sundays, the New York Post reports.

The New York Times began selling advertising below the fold on its front page, with the first ad - for CBS - appearing on Monday. Though the Times would not disclose what it charges for the space, the Post cites “several ad buyers who asked to remain unnamed.”

Advertisers wishing to purchase space on the front page must commit to buying the ad 26 times during the year.

As with many newspaper companies, the NY Times Co. is struggling financially. Ad revenue for the Times Media Group, which includes The New York Times and the International Herald Tribune, plummeted 21% in November.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

There's reason for hope in the economy

An analysis of why worst may be behind us
David Olive

If you're a born pessimist of the Damon Runyan school ("All life is six to five against"), it's tough to resist the consensus view that 2009 will bring economic shocks even more painful than those we've just endured, including the worst panic in global finance since the Great Depression and a sudden, stomach-churning 40 per cent plunge in Canadian and U.S. stock markets.

But there's ample reason to bet that by this time next year conditions will have improved, even if Prime Minister Stephen Harper has mused that a depression, while unlikely, is possible. And Barack Obama has warned, "Things will get worse before they get better."


Thursday, January 01, 2009

It's 2009. Time to bring out the Longbows!

By Mitch Drew
Jan 1st, 2009

VANCOUVER – As we welcome in another New Year, I'm sure many of you are thinking about what lies ahead in these uncertain economic times. What you may not know and what the media is NOT telling you is that times like these create a whole new set of opportunities.

Making a few minor adjustments in your thinking and attitude could set the stage for you to develop a new opportunity. Experts say that this is a once-in-our-lifetime chance to really make an impact!

To understand this, we need to remember that when times are good, everyone does well. People with little talent and skill can buy stock and the stocks go up, invest in real estate and the prices rise, even success in business is easier when the economy is booming.

In tough times the rules change and many of the people who 'coasted' during boom times are finding it more difficult to succeed in this new 'adjusted' economic climate. If you are one of the people who can recognize opportunity, you may be able to succeed at a much faster rate and to a much higher level. Here are a couple of options:

Option A: Follow the lead of King Henry V and make history!

A great place to start is to examine history and see who 'kicked ass and took names' during challenging times and beat impossible odds. There are many examples of how the 'underdog' decided to make aggressive moves against all odds. When the competition or the enemy is sleeping, weak or deflated they can be defeated much easier.

One of the best stories to study is The 1415 Battle of Agincourt. The English army led by King Henry V battled the French on French soil. The English were outnumbered at least 2:1 and managed to win this historic battle by aggressively advancing on the entrenched French and blasting them with English Longbows.

King Henry's army was tired, sick and had been on the road away from home for over two weeks, but the King knew that the French were entrenched and not as prepared as they should have been. The French were in a state of ‘crisis’ and had hunkered down in a defense mode. Although the French had more soldiers, they were applying a different strategy of 'holding ground'. So on the night before the battle, King Henry gave his battle speech...made famous later in the William Shakespeare play Henry V and told the troops that they were going to take their English Longbows and shoot the lights out of the French. He also reminded the men in a pre-battle motivational speech that this band of soldiers would be remembered as the guys that got the job done...against all odds! “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers”

Option B: Start shouting “Say hello to my little friend!”

In the final scene from the movie Scarface, Al Pacino's character is frantically assembling a huge gun to take his final stand; and from this scene we can all learn a valuable lesson in life. Never give up! Even if all of the odds are against us and we have virtually no hope in succeeding, keep trying and keep advancing.

Now you may not need to go out and purchase an M16 5.56mm with a 40mm M203 grenade launcher, but think about all of the tools you have that you can assemble and put into action. You have your mind, your experience, your talents and your positive energy!

Option C: Read the “Never, Never, Never Give Up” Winston Churchill speech.

Recently I asked a highly respected motivational trainer the question, “what is the number one reason why people fail?” The answer was simple and only took 3 words, THEY GIVE UP!

When Winston Churchill spoke to the graduating class of his former school, he summed up a lifetime of achievement in politics, leadership and often in battle. His many quotes contain a similar idea that if you keep going and persevere under any circumstance; you will likely achieve the desired results. Churchill is the epitome of a leader who knew the power of positive thinking and knew that the tougher the times…the weaker the opponent. When you look into 2009, remember that the current economic situation is an opportunity and many of the obstacles that could have blocked your success in the past will be weaker and easier to get over, under or through!

Option D: When in Rome….

Even the early Romans knew that tough times brought out the best in people. In the times of Augustus, the Roman lyric poet HORACE ( Born December 8th, 65 BC) wrote the following:

Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant.


So in 2009 it's up to you. Awaken those talents that have been sleeping during the boom times and launch a few Longbows. You might be amazed at the results!

Good Luck and Happy New Year!

Mitch Drew
Vancouver, Canada