Friday, May 29, 2009

Live Hard, Sell Hard

Please play at your next sales meeting.


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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Malcolm Gladwell pre-launch of Outliers

I needed a dose of Gladwell today and found this great speech recorded a couple of weeks before the release of 'Outliers'.

Outliers - Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

Mitch Drew
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Twitter Update - What you need to know about Twitter today.

Twitter-based TV Show Comes from Reveille and Brillstein

Microblogging label Twitter is partnering with Reveille and Brillstein Entertainment to launch an unscripted TV show - the first TV series to incorporate Twitter into the action of the show. The program’s objective will be to “[put] ordinary people on the trail of celebrities in a revolutionary competitive format.”

Novelist and screenwriter Amy Ephron will executive produce the show alongside Kevin Foxe and Steve Latham, Reveille’s Mark Koops and Howard T. Owens, Brillstein’s Jon Liebman and Lee Kernis, reports Variety (via MarketingVOX). Liebman says the effort will prove “a compelling way to bring the immediacy of Twitter to life on TV.”

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Land Rover Promotes Twitter ‘Hashtags’ in Out-of-Home Campaign

Land Rover has launched an integrated campaign using Twitter and out-of-home venues like billboards and taxi TVs. The campaign uses “hashtags,” or words used in tweets that make it easier to follow a conversation via online searches, in its out-of-home venues to spread word of Land Rover’s Twitter effort.

Land Rover’s Twitter campaign attempts to build conversations around the debut of its newest models at the New York Auto Show. Twittads, a social media affinity network, was tapped by Wunderman, the PR firm planning the integrated campaign, to boost Land Rover’s launch, writes AdAge.

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Adjix Penetrates Twitter with Embeddable Text Ads

Revenue-sharing ad network Adjix launched an ad format that lets users embed text ads within “tweets” (Twitter posts).
When users use Adjix2Twitter to post to their Twitter accounts, a small text link appears at the end of their tweet. The linker must approve the ad before it is sent. See video demonstration.

Advertisers can set accounts up so anyone can run their ads. Conversely, ads can be limited to certain Twitter accounts. Brands can also decide how frequently an ad runs, either on an account or in given locations, writes MarketingVOX.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mitch Drew posts stories on other BLOGS using TRIOND

VANCOUVER – This week I was introduced to a service out of Isreal called TRIOND. Their business model is interesting. TRIOND provides a complete publishing experience as they publish your work on relevant sites expanding your reach to a wider audience. The result is a gain in recognition as a bonus, the have a revenue sharing model and a very sophisticated ad serving and ad integration component. The ads running with my content include Ford Fusion, Cathay Pacific, Telus and the ads are goe-targetted in most cases. In addition, an integrated ad banner with paid links to relevant web sites is included. It’s very cool.

MITCH-TV has a partner site that contains original posts about sales and selling. Two of the articles were recently re-purposed using TRIOND and have been published on the active business web site BIZCOVERING.

The TRIOND content ‘clearing house’ model is interesting and a great way for part-time bloggers and content publishers like myself to get some of their content out.

If a few dollars are generated from it…..all the better!

Mitch Drew

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Skype Gets the Oprah Treatment

Oprah Winfrey may already be the Queen of All Media, but lately she’s been gunning for another title: Queen of All Tech.

On the May 21 episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” Ms. Winfrey chats with Josh Silverman, the president of Skype.

Thursday’s episode of the show (taped earlier this month) is entirely dedicated to Skype, eBay’s soon-to-be-spun-off Internet communications service.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Marketers Fight for Right to Buy Shows, Not Networks

In Digital World, Brands Want to Follow Favorite Programs Across Media

NEW YORK ( -- Want your ads in CBS's blue-chip "CSI"? Then you'll have to run some in "Harper's Island." Eager to get your message to the devotees of ABC's "Lost"? Then you'll have to buy some time during untested debutantes such as "Cupid."

That's how it's worked for decades. Marketers and their media buyers are forced to agree to TV networks' condition that they take ad positions across entire schedules if they want to be in the hottest shows. Marketers' patience with this system is, however, running out, and many are pushing harder than ever before to buy programs and not networks. Yet in this upfront, the networks will still ask them to once again buy across the board -- and pay a premium to really build their brands into a show's DNA.

"This is going to be the battleground for the next few years," said one senior marketer.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

How the next internet revolution will save your favourite TV shows, newspapers and magazines

Portable e-readers are just part of a bold new media landscape

You, dear reader, are a dinosaur. Please don’t take offence. It’s not you that’s the problem - it’s us, the world’s newspapers. Or so we are told.

The pundits have been saying for years that simply reading these words condemns you as a relic of social history. Newspapers, and by extension their readers, are on their way to the fossil beds as sharper, faster-moving websites bite and claw at their lumbering flesh.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Whole World Is Watching

TVB President Chris Rohrs penned an op ed for the May 11, 2009 Mediaweek under the title “The Whole World is Watching.” It explodes the myth that television is dying with the use of new research showing, in fact, that TV is stronger than ever.

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Saturday, May 09, 2009

McDonald's Buys Prime Time 'Roadblock' on Hulu

McCafe Sponsorship Gives Users 8 Hours of Ad-Free Viewing

NEW YORK ( -- Hulu doesn't like to be perceived as competing against TV, but that's what McDonald's has the web video site doing with a new campaign for its line of upscale coffee drinks, McCafe.

McDonald's wanted to roadblock to maximize impact among its 42 million monthly unique viewers.
McDonald's wanted to roadblock to maximize impact among its 42 million monthly unique viewers.

The fast-food chain is promoting a commercial-free "prime time" on Hulu tonight, starting at 7 p.m. ET and lasting eight hours until midnight on the West Coast.

During that period, thanks to McDonald's, all shows from all networks will stream without advertising, except for a branded frame advertising the McCafe.

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Friday, May 08, 2009

Ad outlook: Brighter but still a long slog

Pickup in demand in local television and radio

By Kevin Downey
May 8, 2009

Rupert Murdoch is onto something when he says the worst is over for the ad economy following its deep tumble in the wake of last fall's economic meltdown.

There are indeed some signs that the ad economy has hit the bottom and is in the early stages of recovery.

“Most media executives on earnings calls have been saying that the TV ad market is not getting worse,” notes David Joyce, an analyst with Miller Tabak.

“I’m very bullish on TV and radio,” says Dean DeBiase, CEO at TNS Media, the ad tracking outfit. “I think in certain categories we may be leveling out.”

But analysts are also quick to note that it's going to be a long recovery, not a quick spring-back, as some had hoped. While there are promising indicators, most think real recovery won't kick in for a year or so.

Further, some media just aren't going to come back, certainly not to levels of past years, notably newspapers and magazines.

What has analysts optimistic is the increasing activity in local television and radio, fueled in large part by lower prices, which in many cases are sharply down from a year ago, but also by stations chasing after first-time advertisers that couldn’t previously afford TV and radio.

“Certain media buyers are doing a good job of negotiating good rates,” says DeBiase. “They’re getting good placement, and they’re not necessarily paying as much as they used to. There’s opportunistic buying going on, which looks like an uptick, and it is.”

In fact, in some markets inventory on local TV stations and radio stations is starting to tighten up, with some sold out weeks in advance.

Media buyers say there’s also a sense among advertisers that the worst of the recession is behind us, as reflected in a pickup in consumer confidence in April.

Typically advertisers wait for consumer confidence to return before increasing their ad budgets, which is why the ad economy generally lags the overall economy.

But another positive sign can be found in the stock market, where most media companies are seeing their stock value starting to level out and in some cases trending up, as in the case of Cablevision and News Corp.

But these are early signs at best.

“Advertisers have to feel comfortable that consumers will respond to advertising. There are a number of factors behind that. It’s consumer spending. It’s consumer sentiment. It’s unemployment, too," says Mark Fratrik, vice president of BIA Advisory Services.

“My expectation is that we won’t turn positive until sometime in 2010. The comparables from the year before will keep us in negative numbers. But it will also take advertisers some time to see that consumers are buying again.”

Thursday, May 07, 2009

KFC coupon customers ask: Where's the chicken?

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Customers at a New York City KFC hoping to redeem coupons for a free meal were disgruntled when the fast-food restaurant ran out of its new grilled chicken, but Internet rumors of a riot were unfounded, a Kentucky Fried Chicken spokeswoman said Wednesday.

"Some customers were upset because they couldn't get their chicken, but there was no riot," said Laurie Schalow.

Schalow said the Manhattan restaurant on East 42nd Street plans to begin honoring the coupons again Thursday after it resupplies the kitchen.

The coupons were available on for 24 hours beginning Tuesday after Oprah announced the meal promotion on her show. Each downloadable coupon can be redeemed for two pieces of grilled chicken, two individual sides and a biscuit.

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

No Plane, No Gain

Business jets have an image problem.

More precisely, a few of the people flying around in business jets -- namely executives of companies that are burning through taxpayer money after having lost billions of dollars and having laid off hundreds of thousands of workers -- have an image problem, and it has rubbed off on the innocent airplane.

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AOL's Socialthing brings streaming and sharing to Warner Bros. TV

Social media is coming to Warner Bros. Television Group's online properties, thanks to a smallish AOL property called Socialthing.

A feed of members' activity across Warner Bros. entertainment,, DC Hero Zone, MomLogic, Essence, and be displayed on their Socialthing profiles. So, if you watch a "Gossip Girl" video on or play a game on DC Hero Zone, it'll show up in your feed, and you can keep tabs on what your friends are doing as well (and share bits of content with them). There will also be fictional Socialthing profiles for characters like the "Gossip Girl" cast as part of a broader promotional effort.

As some others have pointed out, it's nice to see AOL finally showing some synergy with parent company Time Warner. You know, before it gets spun off and all.

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Twittering in Obamaland: The Social-Network Administration

The first tweet the White House Twittered was not about the weather. It had nothing to do with how the President was feeling, what he was doing or what he wanted for lunch. The First Dog, Bo, failed to receive even an oblique mention.

Instead, the Obama Administration jumped with both feet into the 140-character Twitterverse on May 1 with a one-sentence post on how Americans can learn about swine flu directly by joining social networks with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). "We wanted to use these tools to some end, some effect, some public good," said Macon Phillips, the White House Director of New Media. (See the best social-networking applications.)

So it has gone in the first few months of the Obama Administration. At the new President's urging and by his example, the entire Federal Government has bounded into the world of social-networking. Twenty-five agencies now have YouTube channels. The Library of Congress has begun posting thousands of free historical photos on Flickr. In the past week alone, about 30 agencies, including the White House, have joined Facebook.

"The whole pondering process — Should we do it? Should we not do it? — has been truncated because the White House is doing it," says Theresa Nasif, director of the Federal Citizen Information Center, which helps coordinate Web outreach. "It's very exciting to be in government."

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

NBC: Jay Leno Is Advertiser-Friendly, Willing to Do Live Commercials

At 'Infront' Event for Buyers, NBC Pushes Customized Ad Projects

NEW YORK ( -- NBC placed a new emphasis on scripted entertainment today as the General Electric broadcast network offered marketers and media buyers a peek at its lineup for the coming season, the first volley in what is likely to be an extended "upfront" ad-sales season during a severe recession. NBC also spent much of its time trying to drum up support for its new five-day-a-week Jay Leno program.

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Monday, May 04, 2009

Chrysler Owes Omnicom’s BBDO Detroit $58.1MM

Chrysler filed for bankruptcy last week; in its filing, it listed Omnicom’s BBDO Detroit as its second-largest unsecured creditor.

Chrysler, which posted a 29% decline in total ad spend in 2008 from the previous year, owes BBDO Detroit $58.1 million, though it is believed that the majority of that money is owed not to the agency itself but to the media for purchases made on Chrysler’s behalf. Most of the money is believed to be owed to local TV stations, AdAge reports.

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Sunday, May 03, 2009

White House Seeks Online Friends on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter

May 2 (Bloomberg) -- The White House began using services from Facebook Inc., News Corp.’s MySpace and Twitter Inc. to connect directly with the millions of Americans on social- networking sites.

President Barack Obama’s administration has created pages on Facebook and MySpace, the most popular social-networking sites, along with Twitter, where users post short text messages, the White House said on its blog. The pages had already attracted more than 100,000 fans or followers yesterday -- mostly on Facebook.

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