Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mitch Drew posts stories on other BLOGS using TRIOND

VANCOUVER – This week I was introduced to a service out of Isreal called TRIOND. Their business model is interesting. TRIOND provides a complete publishing experience as they publish your work on relevant sites expanding your reach to a wider audience. The result is a gain in recognition as a bonus, the have a revenue sharing model and a very sophisticated ad serving and ad integration component. The ads running with my content include Ford Fusion, Cathay Pacific, Telus and the ads are goe-targetted in most cases. In addition, an integrated ad banner with paid links to relevant web sites is included. It’s very cool.

MITCH-TV has a partner site that contains original posts about sales and selling. Two of the articles were recently re-purposed using TRIOND and have been published on the active business web site BIZCOVERING.

The TRIOND content ‘clearing house’ model is interesting and a great way for part-time bloggers and content publishers like myself to get some of their content out.

If a few dollars are generated from it…..all the better!

Mitch Drew

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CLICK HERE to view the article Ask The Right Questions

CLICK HERE to find out more about TRIOND

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