Saturday, October 27, 2007

Chevy Shoots ‘Fans’ with Sign, Inserts in Series for Sponsorship Message

Chevy has teamed up with Fox on a creative new way to include a visual that goes along with the “brought to you by…” messages that the announcers read during the World Series.

Typically, a sponsor’s logo is overlaid on the screen as the announcer reads his short spiel. Chevy, instead of including such a logo overlay, has the logo for its Malibu sedan on a sign held by a fan in the stands, writes MediaPost.

The camera appears to zoom in on the sign held by the fan as the announcer reads the message.

However, the sign is not actually being held by a real fan during a real game. Rather, Chevy and agency GM Planworks gather a group of 50 fans in Fenway Park, simulated a game-like situation, and shot a Sox fan holding a sign. The Malibu plug was inserted digitally, and the film was sent to Fox, which slotted it in during the broadcast.

The tactic will be used in each game of the World Series. When the series moves to Colorado, Rockies fans will be holding the sign

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