Sunday, April 29, 2012

Go 2 Productions on SUN NEWS NETWORK

VANCOUER - Video production house Go 2 Productions has taken a unique approach to marketing their video production services by producing a 30sec demo 'reel' and airing it on national TV in HD.

The strategy was the result of a meeting with Ross Huget from Go 2 Productions who indicated that as the need for high quality online video grows, so does the number of people that are potential customers.

Mitch Drew from JMA suggested SUN NEWS NETWORK as a great place to share the 30sec demo reel on a national basis.  "we wanted to find a cost efficient way to get this great demo video on HD TV screens..and felt that SUN NEWS offered a solution with strong national coverage with content that business owners and managers are watching".

"Ross really sold me on the fact that potential customers need to see his great work...on TV in HD in order to appreciate the value"  Drew added.  "as more companies discover the need for high quality online and mobile video, Go 2 Productions is positioned as a dominant player and their work really speaks for's awesome".

Go 2 Productions "Everything We Do" 30 sec


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Mitch Drew

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