Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jaguar Dealer in Boston Mass Says Used Cars Are On The Rise

FastCompany Magazine
Fri Mar 20, 2009 at 6:49 PM

Sales for used Jaguar cars are on the rise on the New England area, and it’s not an uncommon trend.  Thanks to Woburn Jaguar, Massachusetts and New Hampshire residents have the largest selection of used Jaguar X-Type's, S-Type's, XF's, Jaguar XJ's and used Jaguar XK's which make affording a Jaguar, much more affordable.

The tumultuous economic climate may have put a damper on new car sales, but economists and auto dealers like Woburn Jaguar say savvy consumers have turned their attention to buying used, or ‘pre owned’ as the auto industry likes to say.
Consumers are realizing the value and rewarding aspects of owning a pre-owned Jaguar.  Jaguar USA refers to these cars as ‘Select Edition Certified Pre-Owned’. 

This is because each car has been hand picked from the most carefully maintained
Jaguars available from model year 2004 through 2008.
Director of ecommerce for Woburn Jaguar, Timothy Martell, remarked on the many reasons consumers are turning to pre-owned, “Used Jaguars are virtually indistinguishable from new in terms of appearance, performance and reliability.  Vehicle warranty and roadside assistance give buyers the same pleasure and confidence as if they were buying new.”

It’s that confidence and pleasure that has New England residents turning to Woburn Jaguar for the ultimate in luxury and affordability.  Even in a recession, luxury car enthusiasts are eyeing their budgets, and Jaguar’s selection of Pre Owned vehicles makes enjoying the Jaguar experience possible.

Woburn Jaguar is committed to delivering the highest quality experience for Jaguar car buyers.  The sales team is comprised of industry professionals who have an extensive background in the Jaguar line of luxury cars.   The dealership also features a service center with Jaguar certified technicians and genuine Jaguar auto parts.

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