Friday, November 27, 2009

MITCH TV keywords this month for " My Name is Ram"

It seems like a ton of people want to know who the announcer is on the new Dodge Ram TV commercials. It's the number one search item for MITCH TV this week. Here (in order) is what people are looking for:

Mitch Drew

KEYWORD SEARCHS (85% Google, 10% Yahoo and 5% Bing)

ram truck voice
voice of dodge's i am ram
who is the voice on the my name is ram tv ad
stan richards voice over dodge
stan richards on i am ram commercials
commercial ram truck narrator
new ram tv ad
voice tv ram commercial
my name is ram voice over
voiceover ram truck commercial
ram tank is full name of narrator
narrator i am ram comercial
who is i am ram voiceover
who does the i am ram truck commercial
new ram commercial narrator voice
my name is ram & my tank is full & narrator
stan richards dodge ram

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