Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cyclo Vac scores big as Leafs visit Canucks on HNIC

VANCOUVER - When the Toronto Maple Leafs hit the ice against the Vancouver Canucks at Rogers Arena this Saturday at 4:00pm on CBC Hockey Night in Canada, they will be playing in one of the most watched regular season games of the season.

For the first time, Cyclo Vac will be appearing as a Canucks sponsor and will launch an English version of their new TV commercial. The 15sec commercial called 'Hockey' features excited hockey fans spilling popcorn as they celebrate a goal and easily clean up the mess using the Cyclo Vac Hide-a-Hose built in vacuum.

The media buy was planned and placed by Mitch Drew of JACKSON MITCHELL ADVERTISING and is part of an on-going TV strategy for the Cyclo Vac in Western Canada. "We introduced the new TV commercial with a News and Entertainment schedule earlier this year and are excited to begin their Canucks strategy during the biggest game of the year on CBC" Drew said. "Canucks hockey delivers a huge audience and showcasing Cyclo Vac on Hockey Night in Canada with some of the biggest brands in the country is exciting".

In addition, the agency has placed Autoway.ca in the game. "Our media strategy is simple and straightforward...we like to deliver exceptional value to our agency clients and we know that when you advertise in live sport you get exceptional return on your advertising investment...not only is the viewing audience large, they are engaged, attentive and anchored to the content" Drew added.

Cyclo Vac and Autoway.ca will each run 4 x 15's during the game broadcast starting at 4:00pm Pacific.

"The strategy for using 15sec commercials and running 4 occasions per client during the live broadcast results in our clients receiving the benefit of tremendous REACH and FREQUENCY all in a single live sport environment...something that is very difficult to achieve in one day, using other media" Drew said.

Watch for Cyclo Vac TV commercials in the New Year during Canucks games on Rogers Sportnet ONE.

CLICK HERE to visit CycloVac.com
CLICK HERE to visit Autoway.ca

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