Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Check It Out: New Network To Sell TV Ad Time Via Online 'Shopping Cart'

FRANK MAGGIO HAS SPENT MUCH of the past year trying to shake up the way TV audiences are measured. Now he wants to change how TV advertising is bought and sold. In a move that is likely to win favor from advertisers seeking to develop an open market structure for buying media, Maggio this week will unveil a new system for buying TV ad time on his new ReacTV channel that utilizes an approach akin to Amazon.com.

"Authorized buyers would see every ad unit that's available and can click on it and buying and put it in a shopping cart," Maggio tells MediaDailyNews. When enough TV ad inventory is selected to meet an advertiser's gross rating point goals, Maggio says buyers will simply proceed to the system's checkout area, where the buy will be implemented.


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