Monday, February 12, 2007

comScore: Super Bowl Ads Drove One In Five Online

by Wendy Davis, Monday, Feb 12, 2007 6:00 AM ET

MARKETERS ARE INCREASINGLY INCORPORATING WEB sites into their TV ads and, when it comes to Super Bowl ads, viewers seem to be responding.

A recent comScore survey of Super Bowl viewers found that 19% went online to find out more information about last week's Super Bowl ads. Ten percent of respondents said they visited at least one marketer's site, while 7% said they went online to view video clips of the ads.

The move toward consumer-generated ads also proved popular with some consumers. While most respondents--63%--thought the professional ads were equally as entertaining as the consumer-created ones, a sizable 21% thought the user-created ads were better. Just 10% said the professional ads were more entertaining than the consumer-created spots. Doritos, Chevrolet and the NFL were among the advertisers that harnessed consumer-created spots.

When comScore asked respondents which Super Bowl ads they wanted to see again, the professionally created spots topped the list, but the consumer-generated ones trailed closely. The most popular choices were the professional Anheuser-Busch spots for Budweiser (selected by 35% of respondents), but 31% chose the consumer-created Doritos ad. The agency-created Bud Light ad was selected by 29%, followed by professional efforts for Coca-Cola (25%) and Blockbuster (17%). The consumer-created spot by Chevy was selected by 15% of respondents.

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