Monday, January 28, 2008

80 Percent of Moms to Watch Super Bowl

A new survey shows that 80 percent of moms plan to watch the Super Bowl, with 60 percent tuning in simply for the ads - but most of those mothers don’t think the ads will be targeting them.

According to a new survey from the Marketing to Moms Coalition, 76 percent of those surveyed believe Super Bowl ads don’t target them, despite the fact that moms are responsible for the majority of the more than $2 trillion worth of purchases made in the country.

Perhaps because moms tend to buy the beer, set out the chips and plan the party, most moms (77 percent) think Super Bowl ads should be talking to them.

When asked what they wanted to see in an ad, moms responded:

Humor they can relate to (76 percent)

Ads that acknowledge their feats in multitasking every day (67 percent)

Families interacting together (62 percent)

As for Super Bowl ads and how they relate to children:

61 percent of moms will watch the Super Bowl with their children

54 percent say they are okay with the content of Super Bowl ads in terms of their children

44 percent of moms say the ads are not appropriate for kids



Mitch Drew
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