Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do you feel like your life is 'off the rails"?

It's easy to think that things may never get on track again!

by Mitch Drew

VANCOUVER - There is a saying that 'every cloud has a silver lining' and no matter what negative thing is happening to you at this time, there is something positive that could come out of it. In many ways negative things in our lives have a profound effect on how positive things develop in the future. A firing often leads to a better job or a broken relationship leads to meeting a more compatible partner.

I've experienced my fair share of business failures. Recently I left a comfortable job to work in an independent environment and things didn't work out as expected. The resulting feelings were of disappointment, frustration and failure. Things turned into a bit of a train wreck and when you look at your life as 'one big train wreck', it's hard to think that the pieces can be put back together again.

Just Keep Going!

The best advice is to just keep going, keep swinging and take what you have learned and leverage the mistakes into a plan that will ensure faster and greater success.

We've all heard how Babe Ruth held the records for strike outs at the same time he held the record for Home Runs!

Take a look at the train wrecks in your life, analyze what happened, learn from the mistakes and know that you are richer to have gone through a failure. With great failure comes great knowledge.

2009 is going to be a crazy year and many things that happen in your life will look like a train wreck. At the same time, these challenges will create an opportunity for us all to really get to know what we are capable of. Rise to the challenge get your train back on the track.

Mitch Drew

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