Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TV ratings are higher. TV ad rates are lower.

Why this might be the best time for you to look at TV advertising to grow your brand.

Mitch Drew

VANCOUVER – When I first starting selling TV advertising in 1992, one of the surest things to tell a potential advertisers was to BUY NOW as prices always went up. It was the nature of the ‘supply and demand’ rate structures of broadcast and if you wanted to buy TV for the Fall, you had better start buying in June. Things have certainly changed with the current economic downturn as media companies are crying about the coming year and how bad business is going to be. Large ad budgets are being adjusted and changing technologies are making TV advertising more affordable.

TV is certainly the most powerful advertising medium on the planet. Nothing comes close to the power of running moving pictures and audio on a 52 inch screen in High Definition in a persons living room. TV offers complete access to a consumers mind at a time when they are open to the images and sounds being presented to them. TV delivers a message to a captive audience in the privacy of their home and the reach and impact of TV continues to deliver the fastest and most efficient way of communicating.

Looking at last years Presidential Election, it’s easy to see that candidates fought the battle on TV screens in the living rooms and bedrooms of American voters. In Iowa alone, the candidates spent more than THREE TIMES the amount spent in 2004.

It’s estimated that the total amount of advertising money spent for the US election on TV was $3 Billion!

TV advertising works, just ask President Obama!

Why is the cost of TV advertising lower at this time?

TV advertising rates (unlike Newspaper) are controlled by two factors. First: the total audience rating or number of people who will see your ad. Second: the demand that a program has for advertisers or the number of advertisers who want to run commercials in the program. Often the more you get (audience) the more you pay and shows with larger audiences have higher demand so the price grows exponentially . In the current economy, the demand for TV advertising is LOWER and costs of TV spots are set by audience primarily, so the price curve is linear

Ratings for this years Superbowl, Grammy Awards and Oscars were the highest ever. More people are staying home to save money and are watching TV. Even DVD sales are off as consumers choose to watch more ad-supported “free” TV programs instead of buying or renting movies.

Can you can afford to advertise on TV now!

Absolutely! Now more than ever your business can ‘cut your own deal’ on TV advertising. Rates are flexible and production can often be provided at a lower rate to provide additional incentive. The TV ‘canvas’ is less crowded now and your TV ad will stand out. Most TV stations are providing BONUS time for FREE and your paid campaign will likely receive and equal amount of NO CHARGE time.

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