Monday, December 26, 2005

The Seven Secrets to buying TV advertising

"As a BCTV Account Executive, NOWTV Sales Manager and Channel M Account Manager, I've been helping clients buy TV advertising in Vancouver since 1992. Over the years many of my new-to-TV clients have used these techniques to negotiate 'KILLER' deals on TV advertising time and production fees. Using just ONE of these SEVEN SECRETS to buying TV time at a lower-than-market price will help YOU join the list of over 150 local clients who have found their way onto TV screens in the Lower Mainland"

Mitch Drew
Account Executive
Channel M


1. TV advertising is a demand product. You can negotiate the price on commercial time that does not run in a higher demand/rated programs. Make on offer on secondary shows and “fringe” product. These shows have the same viewers as the high profile ones. You pay less-per-viewer for lower profile programs.

2. TV advertising is a perishable product. Last minute deals can be had on higher profile programs. Preemptable rates are also available.

3. TV advertising is less exspensive in LOW DEMAND times like the Summer and Winter. With demand lower in Jan/Feb and July/Aug, stations welcome new business and offer incentives to advertisers during these time of the year. TV ads still have an impact on your business weeks, months and even YEARS after you run them.

4. Inexpensive TV production is available. Stations may include the cost of production as a part of your time buy.

5. You don’t need 30 seconds. 7 second Billboard sponsorships can be efficiently placed in high profile programs for a fraction of the cost of 30second time. New technology can created 'imbedded' LOGO and sell lines inside actual TV programs.

6. Work with the TV promotion department. Give them Gift Certificates and other product for give-away and you will be amazed at the value of the exposure.

7. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate and remember that the more flexible you are, the lower the rates you will pay. If you must run at 8:00pm tonight without question, you will pay top dollar…but if you can be “bumped” or moved to another day or can buy at a discount.

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