Tuesday, January 17, 2006

12 Most Common Mistakes in Advertising

I recently picked up this DVD by Roy Williams, The Wizard of Ads.

It's great and very imformative.


12 Most Common Mistakes in Advertising
by Roy H. Williams

So your advertising doesn't work like it should. You're not alone!

Best-selling author Roy H. Williams has identified the most common mistakes that advertisers make over and over again:

1. The desire for instant gratification
2. Trying to reach more people than the budget will allow
3. Assuming the business owner knows best
4. Unsubstantiated claims
5. Improper use of passive media
6. Creating ads instead of campaigns
7. Obedience to unwritten rules
8. Late-week schedules
9. Overconfidence in qualitative targeting
10. Event-driven marketing
11. Great production without great copy
12. Confusing response with results

Learn why your ads aren't working. You'll get better results.


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