Monday, April 10, 2006

The King of Cars is choppin’ on A&E

Mitch Drew

Many of you know that I enjoy forwarding new and exciting marketing ideas to my clients and prospects. A few years ago, I sent an email with a link to a Las Vegas car dealership TOWBIN DODGE who ran late-night TV commercials featuring their General Sales Manager ‘Chopper’.

He is an over-the-top guy who coined the phrase ‘you aint nothin’ without a Blue Genie’ .

Last week, Chopper debuted on A&E as King of Cars! The program is all about Chopper and his exciting, aggressive and unbelievable quest to stay the number one car dealer in Nevada!

It’s hard to believe that we live in a world were a late-night used-car infomercial can spawn a TV show…..but we most certainly do!

CLICK HERE to view clips from the show and other sample video

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