Saturday, April 01, 2006

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Nancie Tear revs up her computer in a small meeting room at her Lions Gate movie studio office. Dressed all in black, hair pulled back, she turns up the volume as a short compilation of clips from the TV show 24 plays onscreen. Kiefer Sutherland marches into a dank-looking basement and heads to a lone desk, bending over a computer bearing an Alienware logo. "They've got a missile," he says, distraught. All the shots linger on the computer, a sleek silver-and-black laptop. Sutherland stands next to the laptop, while his accomplice sits at the desk. "Can you hear me?" he asks his team, assembled elsewhere. "I'm looking at a live feed of the warhead!"

Tear, co-founder and creative director of Vancouver-based PropStar Placements, watches proudly--after all, she placed the computer on the 24 set for her client, Miami-based Alienware (now owned by Dell). She's placed everything from gardening products to online search engines on popular TV shows and movies, and recently landed her biggest deal yet--effective immediately, PropStar will handle all of Coke's Canadian placements. "This is the largest consumer packaged-goods company we'd ever want to get," she says. "It's such a huge deal for us."


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