Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Super Bowl Of Marketer-Consumer Co-Creation

Super Bowl XLI will be a milestone. Not for the game or programming, but for commercials sponsored by advertisers, produced by agencies and fueled by consumer participation.

By Max Kalehoff

Without even lifting a finger, some advertisers during the last Super Bowl saw their ads jump virally onto the Web and, in many cases, achieve greater active involvement with consumers. Add to that the recent social storm of consumer video uploading, sharing and syndication through services like YouTube and Revver, where consumer-generated multimedia (CGM2) manifests on big portals as well as micro-communities and blogs. Finally, add the fact that advertisers are struggling to alleviate and justify the higher costs and eroding returns of paid, disruptive television media impressions.

And that's a recipe for what we're already seeing in full force five months before the Feb. 4 extravaganza. For example, Brandweek reported this week that GM's Chevrolet is courting fledgling college talent to develop a spot to be broadcast during Super Bowl XLI. Within days of that announcement, USA Today reported that Frito-Lay will invite consumers to enter their own 30-second ads for Doritos in an online competition, with the winner broadcast during the game. I guarantee you more programs will be announced shortly, and consumer-generated tie-ins will be big.

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