Thursday, September 21, 2006

Video views at MITCH TV now over 1500

Mitch Drew

MITCH TV was created as a tool to help me communicate with customers and prospects. Since launching the BLOG in 2006, I've had many people provide positive feedback on the site and have helped others create blogs of thier own.

Since adding links to RICH content and moving the BLOG to a VLOG (video log)'s been interesting to see what kind of viewing has happened. Approximately 50 video clips comprising mainly of TV commercials we've produced for my clients at Channel M have been posted on an ancillary site and yesterday the total views reached 1500! Now these are NOT a hits, these are actual downloads and complete views! The site can get has had as few as 3 views per day and as many as 37.

1 comment:

  1. Last week I sent out an email with links to automotive commercials and the site have over 250 commercial views with over 90 views on Wednesday!

    Mitch Drew