Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Get The Office At Your Office

Spending more time with your computer than with your TV? Then TV's coming to find you

The Office is an acutely funny workplace sitcom in which the cubicle prisoners fight wrenching boredom and dream of escape. By happy coincidence, that describes many actual offices, minus the acutely funny part. So NBC is giving real workers an escape this summer--by offering new episodes of the show to watch online, in the comfort of their own cubicles.

On July 13, The Office began streaming 10 2-min. "webisodes" through nbc.com Think of them as The Office, the downsized version. The cast is smaller: the plot follows the supporting characters of the Dunder-Mifflin paper company's accounting department as they track down $3,000 missing from the books. Most important, from the network's standpoint, the budget is smaller. "I don't even know if we had a budget," says executive producer Greg Daniels. "It's more like an extra fee." Chalk up another irony for The Office: you have a big year, and the boss asks you to work overtime for peanuts. But the webisode project is less a comedown than the highest-profile example of the race at the networks to bring the small screen to the even smaller screen, fast.


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