Monday, August 21, 2006

Your TV commercials on the web!

TV commercials could help your site become RICH!

Mitch Drew
August 21, 2006

With the increase in broadband, North Americans are demanding a richer experience when visiting web sites.

Many small and medium sized businesses are finding that by adding TV commercials to a site, the number of trackable views can be suprisingly high.

Since launching my BLOG, MITCH-TV in November 2005, I've added a link to my rich media page at and host over 45 Channel M TV commercials available for viewing. As of today, my site has recorded over 2,500 individual commercial views and last week, my site experienced the highest single daily views of 37!

If you would to find out how Channel M can help you produce a high quality TV commercial and air it on TV and ONLINE, call or email me today!

Mitch Drew
Account Manager
Channel M
604-678-3912 direct

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