Saturday, August 05, 2006

Home Depot's Online Advertising Play

Home Depot does not plan to make megabucks through its ads just yet. Currently, it has signed up 12 vendors. "We hope to make defray the costs involved with running the ads and managing the Web site," says Home Depot's Greg Foglesong, director of Web marketing and sales.

Walk into a Home Depot and chances are you will be confronted by large displays showcasing new products from manufacturers such as Moen, Maytag, or Kohler. Vendors pay Home Depot and similar retailers for such prime promotional space, and it usually doesn't come cheap.

Now the Atlanta home-improvement retailer is trying to replicate that in-store experience, selling streaming video advertising on its Web site to manufacturers, promoting the fact that Home Depot's online store is visited by 4 million shoppers each week.

"Our vendors can definitely do much more online than with their in-store displays," says Greg Foglesong, director of Web marketing and sales at Home Depot in Atlanta. "Vendors can communicate their stories of innovation, and new product selection via video."


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