Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Revolutionary TV Show to be Produced in Orlando

'Dieu Du Rock' Fosters Major Change for Advertisers & TV Viewers

Television advertising and viewing may never be the same once Dieu du Rock, introduces an entirely new program concept for advertisers and viewers alike. The entertainment production company specializes in breakthrough, innovative programming for television with a concentration on musical talent. That's where any competitive similarity ends. The company has devised a new form of entertainment for viewers and a unique way for advertisers to impact their ad messages with certainty that messages will be seen and heard. The concept is virtually immune to deleting commercials via such technology as TIVO and promises viewers a seamless period of entertainment without the usual interruptions.

"Dieu Du Rock" is "reality that will use a winning combination of video, co-hosts and models in a pure entertainment capacity and a "behind the scenes" look at successful bands. It will incorporate product placement of blue-chip advertiser products that will be a part of the production and entertainment, not a separate commercial. The show will feature interstitial music segments, custom-produced with the advertiser in mind. The result? Reality advertising! The pilot show demo has already been shot on location in Orlando and will be shown to key advertisers to demonstrate the effectiveness of this new form of advertising. Orlando is also in the plans for production of the show itself. World Gate Entertainment, with offices in Orlando, New York, Beverly Hills and Paris will handle all aspects of the production process, under the direction of Nicolas J. Advertisers remain perplexed by the erosion of their messages via traditional commercials and are actively seeking new ways to enhance product awareness. " Dieu Du Rock (TM)" offers an effective alternative to key advertisers and promises to make product advertising an entirely new art form.

The "signs" are evident throughout the industry that change is coming and Dieu du Rock, is on the cutting edge, ready for a "home."

Dieu du Rock, will also incorporate the use of an interactive website that will tie into each show produced allowing for "instant" celebrity interviews, viewer feedback, advertiser cross-promotional opportunities and merchandising. Dieu du Rock, is a wholly owned company of The Constantine Vail Group.

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