Thursday, October 05, 2006

TV and ONLINE: You Can't Have One Without The Other

There has been a lot of excitement and attention around ONLINE ADVERTISING of late, but the worlds biggest brands are still using TV for awareness and mass reach.

Here's an interesting article from Mediapost today.



Marketer To TV Society: Integration Is Your 'Sweet Spot'

INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNS THAT BOUNCE CONSUMERS from television to the Internet are a booming marketing tactic, according to a top marketer in a highly competitive field.

Sprint Vice President of Marketing Anita Bajaj Newton said the telecom company has seen traffic at some Web addresses jump by up to 30 percent after direct promotion in high-profile broadcasts, including NFL halftime shows on NBC and CBS. And Sprint's internal metrics and analysis show those traffic bumps lead to a considerable pop in sales.

Joining the TV-is-still-key testimonials was MindShare President of Local Broadcast Kathy Crawford, who said the cry from Wall Street to cut ad budgets in order to boost share prices has a false premise. "There's no question when you pull out of TV, there's a drop in sales," she said.

Muszynski added that the drive for accountability and ROI is giving agencies leverage with clients' procurement executives, who may want to slash ad budgets. The new metrics are helping agencies show "what our work is actually delivering," he said.


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