Saturday, March 17, 2007

Gannett Training Print Staffers to Shoot Video

Gannett is beginning to focus much of its efforts to increasing its digital presence and revenue. With that in mind, the company is training 500 print news staffers to shoot video that could potentially be used online.

The broadcast team also intends to train its print ad sales team to sell more video ads online.

Gannett Co.'s revenues dropped 4.5 percent in February, due mostly to lower broadcasting profits. Television revenues were down 21.4 percent in February, with broadcasting revenues for the fiscal year ending March 4 down 10.3 percent.

Its newspaper business, though stronger, also saw declines. In February, it was down 3.8 percent, due mostly to suffering classified conditions. Gannett's online unit, similar to many newspaper groups, grew by 13.4 percent over February 2006, based on unique monthly visitors.

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