Sunday, March 11, 2007

MITCH-TV has comment posted on Trump University BLOG

Last week it was The New York Times BLOG and this week one of my comments has been cleared and posted on Donald Trump's Trump University BLOG.



You Need to Stop Selling

After you’ve launched your business, the day will come when it is time to start knocking on doors and selling.

When that day comes, your first inclination will probably be to dash out to buy every book you can find about selling. If you can absorb all the powerful advice they contain from their powerful-looking authors, you will be moving your product quickly, right? Well maybe yes. But probably not.

You see, attempting to identify the traits of the perfect salesperson is a waste of time. All you need is to understand your own strengths and perfect them. I’ve been the top salesperson at every company where I’ve ever worked. I’ve won awards, grossed the highest profits and opened a lot of doors. And I did this by being true to myself - by understanding my instinctive talents and strengths and by becoming friends with everyone around me.
Sales is about having a good time and making as many friends as possible. So enjoy what you do. Because when you do, it shows and customers will buy, for a very simple reason: People Want to Do Business with Their Friends

Comment posted by member1500449 on 03/08/2007 8:58 AM

As an advertising sales person, I often find myself in a situation were the client is not satisfied with the results of an advertising campaign. This is were the relationship and the ability to 'stay in the positive' is so important. I always remember that customers are people and they will often 'look on the bright side' if they have a friendly relationship with the person they are doing business with. Rapport is a cornerstone to any transaction and it is when things get sticky that this trait will be most useful.

Mitch Drew
Vancouver, Canada

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