Monday, December 08, 2008

Display Ads Put Searchers in a Branded State of Mind

Display Ads Put Searchers in a Branded State of Mind

A Specific Media study finds the presence of display advertising significantly affects click-through and search style across both paid and organic searches.

In the “travel and tourism” category, display advertising engendered a 274% lift on both paid and organic search. A 260% lift was seen on searches in the realm of “health,” while “personal finance” saw a 206% increase, writes MarketingVOX.

“Automotive” and “news and media” enjoyed a 144% search lift, while “property and real estate” demonstrated 125%.

“Consumer packaged goods” saw the slightest increase — 22%. And in “retail,” display advertising drew just a 69% lift in search.

Findings suggested consumers exposed to display ads are more likely to search for brand terms (like “BMW”) and segment terms (like “635 CSi”) than unexposed ones, according to Specific Media.

The research tracked 60 Specific Media campaigns, then integrated its findings with 12 months of “ad effectiveness” data backed by comScore, MediaPost writes.
Recently, Yahoo announced plans to incorporate Search Assist into its Image Search function. Search Assist will serve image previews — intended to encourage specificity — as users type in their queries.

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