Friday, December 26, 2008

Eight Marketers May Share Super Bowl Spot

A Los Angeles shop is in discussions with NBC to purchase one of the network’s remaining Super Bowl slots in order to re-sell the time to eight different advertisers.

The move, which would allow marketers to share the steep price of appearing during the big game, would be a first for Super Bowl advertising, writes Adweek.

The shop, Cesario Migliozzi, has several advertisers who have expressed interest. It has set a deadline of Jan. 5 for advertisers to sign on and pony up $395,000. The cost covers the $3 million Super Bowl nut, leaving $160,000 for production.

The creative concept for the ad is still being developed. Advertiser logos would remain on the screen throughout the ad; advertisers would also be included in a website that would remain up for a year.

Unprecedented economic woes have caused at least one advertiser to bail out of the Super Bowl this year. FedEx has announced that, for the first time in 12 years, it will not run an ad during the game. NBC is said to have eight to 10 spots left to sell; observers say that NBC may have a difficult time selling the remaining slots, according to Brandweek.

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