Saturday, June 20, 2009

NBC, Microsoft Partner for Ad Sales System

With technology from Microsoft Ads, NBC Universal will begin selling commercial time on its broadcast and cable TV networks in a way that mimics online advertising sales.

The technology NBC will use in tandem with Microsoft will allow advertisers to target ads by demographic, according to The Wall Street Journal (via MarketingVOX).

It will analyze anonymous set-top box data from satellite and cable companies, and couple that with data - including purchasing habits, locations and the like - with other firms. Such data will be updated daily, said founder Chet Kanojia of Navic Networks, a TV ad tech firm that Microsoft bought last year.

For example, a real estate firm could place an ad across a handful of home improvement shows, then Microsoft’s technology can serve that marketer other shows that homebuyers/sellers are watching for potential ad placement, regardless of whether the content itself is relevant to real estate.

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