Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dealing with the "Overqualified" Label

By Rachel Zupek, CareerBuilder.com

Working for $10-an-hour as a Starbucks barista is not exactly where Teresa Fritschi, 48, pictured herself at this stage of her career. Especially not after working as an award-winning communications specialist and earning more than $300,000 per year.
After being unemployed for almost three years before taking on the position at Starbucks as a fallback, Fritschi says that although her lifestyle has changed dramatically, she feels blessed to have a job at all.
"It has been a lifesaver," she says. "Of course I am continuing to look for work more in line with my experience and expertise, but living in an attitude of grace and gratitude for this job has helped me overcome any lacking I might feel."

Mitch Drew recently took a position as an advertising sales representative at a Canada-based TV station where he was formally a sales manager. While it's a step down from his old position at the company, the 46-year-old is content at the moment.

"I am extremely tired of looking for work and want to take a break from interviewing. The rejection is hard to take," he says. "I have more time, less stress and going through the exercise of having less income has had its upside."


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