Friday, April 03, 2009

How to take a step down the ladder

It may be against your instincts, but in this job market, one good move might be in a backwards direction.

By Caroline Waxler, contributor
April 1, 2009: 3:43 AM ET

NEW YORK (Fortune) -- The scenario is becoming all too familiar. Last month you were a CFO or senior vice president, then comes a layoff and the nasty realization that not only are there fewer jobs at the top to begin with, but jobs at your rung of the ladder are even scarcer. Moving down the ladder goes against every experience you've had in your career so far, but is it something you should consider?

Mitch Drew, 46, of Vancouver, recently accepted a position as an account executive at a television station where he was formerly general sales manager. He had been enjoying a nice upward career progression and was hoping to make station manager next. But when a change of management came in and he was downsized, he found options limited in his local industry. "I now report to a person who has my old job," he says.

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