Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ESPN Sells ‘Mini-Mercials’ to MillerCoors, Asics


ESPN has created a new ad segment that sponsor MillerCoors will be using to introduce segments of SportsCenter.

The 10-second ads are being called mini-mercials and run before traditional ads for the same advertiser. The Coors mini-ad shows two men pouring beer while tuning in to SportsCenter on TV. As the short ad draws to a close, the SportsCenter theme plays while the camera focuses on the product, The New York Times reports. Typically, the “billboard” - or brought-to-you-by message - simply shows the logo of the sponsor of the upcoming segment of the show.
Coors will begin a two-month campaign with the mini-mercials beginning in mid-May. Miller Lite will begin a campaign in mid-July. MillerCoors says the company thinks the ads will be a way to keep viewers engaged and less likely to channel surf during commercial breaks.

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